"Lingering Viable Bb found in infected mice...

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    This article is carefully headlined

    Lingering Bacteria Don't Indicate Chronic Lyme Disease

    to claim the findings do not mean there is "chronic lyme", even tho:

    "When the antibiotic treatments were completed, DNA analysis showed that small numbers of the Lyme disease-causing bacteria remained in the tissues of the antibiotic-treated mice.

    Ticks allowed to feed on these infected mice were also able to acquire and transmit the infectious bacteria.

    Curiously, despite the apparent viability of the bacteria, they could not be detected by standard laboratory cultures.

    The findings support the theory that the bacteria remain viable and that some bacteria evade antibiotic treatment by taking refuge in collagen-rich tissues, skin, ligaments and tendons.

    "Our theory is that these remaining bacteria are in a metabolically dormant, non-dividing state," Barthold said. "This would explain why we were unable to culture them.


    Irresponsible headline, cuz Barthold is right.... research has already shown that they can remain dormant for years....