Lipoceutical Glutathione feeds yeasts

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    I have been following a strict low carb diet for 7 weeks to kill of the rare yeast I have in my guts. I have noticed some very good improvements especially in energy and my sleep. Because I have been mercury and nickel poisoned my immune system is still very weak and I had a very bad throat infection 2 weeks ago which needed antibiotics however I took a very high probiotic called VSL3 and didn't get any nasty symptoms from the Ceflexin.

    Yesterday I took my first dose 1/2 teaspoon of lipoceutical glutathione. Within an hour my gut was very poor, it blew out for the rest of the day and I had frequent loose bowel movements. I just knew that it had to be to do with the glutathione I had taken.

    This morning I woke up and gradually got a very nasty migraine and no energy. Again my gut is poor, I can feel the fermentation going on which had virtually stopped before yesterday. This morning I reread a paper written by Dr David Quig who is a mercury and detoxification expert in the Alternative Medicine Review. In this he states that oral glutathione feeds yeasts (didn't I know it) so I thought I would pass this information on.

    I am going to stick with taking a good whey protein to raise my GSH but I am not sure how much I need to take each day and I am hoping this won't feed the yeast I have (Geotrichum species). For many of us one of the reasons we have these gut issues is because heavy metals especially mercury and cadmium damage our guts along with our hormones, enzyme systems and immune systems.

    Its quite horrific what mercury has done to me and I believe it started in 1963 when I had a TB injection that contained thimerosol and I had a bad reaction to it but of course at the time never knew why. In 1973 I had a stillborn baby that had a neural tube defect, another thing the mercury would have caused and I didn't get my amalgams removed until 2002/03 but it took 4 years to get my IS back to a more normal reaction to mercury but nickel was still very high. In 1975 I had my 2nd son and one year later he became extremely hyperactive and stayed that way encountering many difficulties along the way. I believe he was vaccine damaged because for the first year of his life he was an angel baby. It was unbelievable how he changed more or less overnight and I am sure it would have been a reaction to the thimerosol in the injections he would have had. All this fits with an inablility to methylate and detoxify properly which many of us have inherited but obviously we didn't ever know about this until recently.

    Personally I don't believe I can ever completely recover because too much damage has been done but I already know that with a low carb diet and some antifungal supplements and meds I can at least have a lot better energy and sleep and I am grateful for that.


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