Lipoflavonoid for Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by acuario, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. acuario

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    Hi everybody, has anyone heard about Lipoflavonoid for ringing in the ears. I saw a comercial on TV channel 7 about this. Has enyone tried it? does it work?? there are more info on yahoo about this. it says that ringing in the ears is caused by poor blood circulation in the inner ears and that Lipoflavonoid help this condition.

  2. Fmandy

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    Hi Acuario

    I haven't heard of this I don't think, but I am going to check it out and try some if it's true, or even suspected of being true :) . I have tinnitus very, very bad. I have had it for over 10 years. It is a big part of my life that I do not share with my family.

    They know that I have it, they just don't know what I am hearing as they talk to me. It sometimes is very confusing when my wife comes home from work all bubbly and ready to talk and I have been by myself just "ringing" all day.

    Then I start trying to block out the high frequency ringing to have a conversation with her. It takes a while to start hearing in her frequency range. Strange isn't it?

    Thanks much for this information,

  3. wildflowers2

    wildflowers2 New Member

    Just another snake oil cure to make money....

    There is NO cure. I have had it for over 25 years.

    read up on tinnitus . com or org.

  4. acuario

    acuario New Member

  5. LittleBluestem

    LittleBluestem New Member

    Ginko Biloba is supposed to improve circulation. I find that it dampens my tinnitus. You might compare the cost and safety of both, then try one.

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