Lipoma Enlarged Upper Torso, What to Do?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by theatergirl, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. theatergirl

    theatergirl New Member

    First, thanks for being in this group. There is so much help here.

    I am 12 years CFS/ME and in four month long crash right now.
    I have severe perepheral muscular fatigue along with it,(canes/wheelchair). Primarily housebound right now.

    I have several small long time lipomas, leg, calf, wrist, shoulder. One on the left shoulder blade that I've had for years, dramatically increased in size and spread both laterally and horizontally, under left breast. Constant dull ache and pain throughout and some throbbing.

    I have consultation with surgery center (Kaiser) on the 18th and mammorgram tomorrow.

    What do I need to say/ask. Anyone have this happen during a severe long term episode of CFS/ME

    Thanks in advance, so much.

  2. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    Bumping for you...

    I have two lipomas that have been around 3-5 years, but they are staying the same size. I've had CFS/ME about 10 years.

    All the doctors I've talked to have suggested leaving them alone unless they begin to cause pain -- and I have mammograms every year now. One of the lipomas is near my armpit, close to my breast.

    If you can, please update us when you know what is going on and/or what your doctor suggests as the solution.
  3. Chelz

    Chelz New Member

    Back in 2003 I developed a huge lipoma in my right hip/buttock area. This lipoma was 10 centimeters large.

    What was so weird was that it seemed to develop overnight.
    At first my doctor just thought it was a muscle problem related to my FM, and I went to physical therapy. This was obviously the wrong thing to do. I couldn't walk straight, the dull pain and nerve problems caused from this lipoma was nasty.

    I finally went to a neurologist because of my constant twitching problems. I brought this to his attention, when he felt it, he said that is a lipoma or fatty tumor. He told me to consult a general surgeon for removal.

    So, I found a general surgeon and he removed it. I was awake for the surgery because they just gave me a local on the area. The doctor couldn't believe how big this lipomas was.

    I had it removed back in 2004 and didn't have any problems and felt great. However, for the past two years I have delveloped some pain in the area. I do not have another lipoma because I went back to a different surgeon and they did a cat scan. I do however have post-surgery pain in the exact same area.

    This was just my experience. Lipomas are bothersome and can be painful if they are enlarged. People have them removed all the time. I'm not exactly sure what they will do for you, but if you can get them removed that would be a good thing. Please do ask the surgeon about scar tissue forming or post-operative pain. This may not happen to you at all, but just ask him/her what their opinion is about pain after surgery. Good luck to you and keep us posted please. Hugs and luck to you, Chelz.
  4. theatergirl

    theatergirl New Member

    I have been doing as much reading about Lipoma's as possible. Looking back in this group, I saw your posts too. I have had a lump there, under the arm, for a long time, no change, but in the last, say 3 mo, it has developed into a big issue, pain, constant aching and increase in mass, substantial. Just trying to understand if we, CFS/ME, are prone to these (I have several, small, no prob) and how they exasterbate the CFIDS physical expression, and especially if you are already immune compromised. I seem to be doubly disabled now that it has started really hurting, etc.

    Thoughts welcome,
  5. theatergirl

    theatergirl New Member

    bumbity bump
  6. RatsWife

    RatsWife New Member

    Mine is on the exterior of my colon, about where my uterus use to rest. It's about the size of a tennis ball. It has caused me no discomfort or aggravation. Like others have said I've been told to monitor it. Strikes me as odd. Why? Because I didn't even know it was there until my most recent colonoscopic exam. LOL! It's mushy on palpation, I was told. Husband says he's never noticed it either. Good luck with yours!

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