Lipoma removed today

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SusanEU, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. SusanEU

    SusanEU New Member

    Hi everyone, I had a fairly large lipoma removed today.

    5 stitches, everything was fine until the freezing wore off a few hours ago. YIKES it hurts.

    Has anybody been through this, how long does it hurt and what did you take for the pain (I have Tylenol 3).

    Still glad to finally get rid of it.

    Thanks, Sue in Ontario
  2. SusanEU

    SusanEU New Member

    Thanks for the info wamps!

    It was on my back, where my bra line is. I had a bit of a rouhg night, but I'm not being shy about taking the T3.

    It does hurt more than I expected.

    Hugs, Sue in Ontario
  3. SusanEU

    SusanEU New Member

    I have some really bad bruising there.

    still have the dressing on and I cant remember what the dr told me about showering. Only to wait 24-36 hours, but I don't know if I should leave the dressing on, take it off, put a new one on (which I couldn't reach anyway) leave it open.


    Sue in Ontario
  4. SusanEU

    SusanEU New Member

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