Discussion in 'Cancer' started by lightspirit, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. lightspirit

    lightspirit New Member

    Hi all,
    does anyone have any experiences to share with me about liposarcoma? I am having biopsy etc..for six large lipomas in my buttocks. Would appreciate any sharing of info.
    Thanks all
  2. Jinx69

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    Hi, Lightspirit,

    Did you get your biopsy report back? It's good that you are having that done, although i don't know anything about that type of cancer, although

    I do have a few lipomas on my thighs...huge. Several doctors have looked and felt them over the years, but no one's ever mentioned a biopsy. Hmm, perhaps I'll have them check.

    I hope everything turns up clear for you. My prayers are with you!