liquid oxy?

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  1. kd_yall

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    Have any of you used the liquid form of this? The pharmacist recommended this to me as I am sensitive to ibuprofen and tylenol and if use this form of pain med can control the dose (I tend to respond to lower doses with most things) and avoid those other added meds that I do not need.

    Have you had luck with this or any other unwanted side effects? I haven't tried it yet, don't know yet if physician will be willing to do it instead of vicodan.
  2. meriah79

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    I was on this unless you have a very high tolerence to opiods oxy-codone family I strongly suggest staying away from liquid form!Roxi-codone has no asprin or tylenol you have to get it in your system for awhile for nause to go away
  3. kd_yall

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    thanks meriah, but couldn't I just take a fraction of a dose to deal with lower tolerance?
    I am not liking vicodan, what else is there at that level? it has to be a fairly short acting med.
  4. Janalynn

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    Roxicodine is oxycodone without the Tylenol. (or ibuprofen) You can get that in a low dose and even split it if you need to - it's a short acting med.

    That's what I take for break through meds. I didn't want any Tylenol.