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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Spring123, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Spring123

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    I have had CFS for over 18 years now. I stopped going to doctors about it for many years as no one knew how to help me. I decided to go to a very highly recommended Homeopathic doctor. During our visit he told me about a liquid detox called Zeolite / Natural Cellular Defense that has helped many patients with all sorts of diseases & disorders - cancer, herpes, autism, CFS, FM, depression etc... I was weary at first but thought why not! I just ordered 2 months worth and stared my first dose 4 days ago (10 drops 3 times / day). My fatigue has not gone away, but I have been able to sleep w/out ANY medication. I also do not feel as depressed as I was. The Dr. said to give it a few weeks to go thru my system so I will be patient. Has any heard of this? If you want to check it out the website is & check out the testimonials at The testimonials are really encouraging if they are real... Any feedback??
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  2. Leenerbups

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    I tried this. I detoxed VERY HARD on it and did not get the information I needed regarding that.

    I could only go do 4 drops, and I was supposed to do 15. They said 4 drops won't do anything for me. Whether that was true, I don't know. But I have spoken to a few others who have the same issue.

    I felt pressed very hard in regards to the MLM they do.

    Very expensive too, I can't understand why it's so expensive and that is a turn off.
  3. Spring123

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    What happened when you "detoxed really hard on it"? Did you have any side effects? Also, what does MLM mean?

    I know its expensive, but do you think it helped?
  4. Leenerbups

    Leenerbups New Member

    I began to have digestive problems, but the real issue was a bone crushing fatigue and depression. I tried waiting it out, but it never left until stopped using it.

    MLM is "multi-level marketing".

    I don't feel it helped.

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