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    Yes, you can heal Lyme. I know personally 4 people who have been healed and not just remission. One of the problems is with abx the Lyme spirochetes will mutate within 20 mins of even IV abx's and encapsulate themselves using magnesium and calcium- that's why research figures we are so low in them. then if you've had Lyme for awhile- chronic - they burrow into the muscle and bones and the brain- yuk!! where no amount of abx will be able to kill. One of the worse co infections is Babesia which if a form of malaria, if you do not kill that off then again no amount of abx will help destroy Lyme spirochetes. I just post a paper on Sorting out Lyme and co infections.
    there is a blog called Lyme bytes that has a lot of really good real information on treatments and just coping with this. The women has had Lyme and is healing and yes she does mention a book about all the treatments out there and she has a book of her own but it was written after she started healing. we can get healed, it just takes so long to find what works for us since we all have other infections and usually GI tract problems.
    Hexing is not a good thing. It is our bodies telling us we are dumping too many dead pathogens that it can handle and it can kill you. the healing crises is different, you feel worse but not debilitating, your symptoms will reverse because they are still there your body just gave up fighting them. the difference with herxing and healing crises you know in your knower you are getting better not worse, it's hard to explain but you just know it's different.
    the people I know that have healed all have used the Rife machine, you can make a resonance frequency machine off the computer. And I want to mention I will not go into any debates on Royal Rife- read his true life story first. It works, even the medical center at Maryland U mentions the machine and research on resonance frequency- which in this case are harmless microwaves is being studied at WU.
    "'The odds are stacked up against the machines, and mis-information is rampant. Their true value is concealed, and many suffer needlessly. Many conventional researchers have inadvertently exposed the truth behind the technology. Take this article, for example, right out of the March 30, 2000 issue of University of Washington’s campus publication:

    "Magnetic fields may hold key to malaria treatment, UW researchers find

    Researchers at the University of Washington have discovered a method of treating malaria with magnetic fields that could prove revolutionary in controlling the disease the World Health Organization calls one of the world's most complex and serious human health concerns.

    Henry Lai, UW research professor of bioengineering, says the malaria parasite Plasmodium appears to lose vigor and can die when exposed to oscillating magnetic fields, which Lai thinks may cause tiny iron-containing particles inside the parasite to move in ways that damage the organism.'
    the rest of the article about science trying to debunk the Rife machine but are doing research on the same theory is here:
    do Ctrl then 'f" key and put in university if you don't want to read through the whole article. this is not different than the hand held device that some use here.
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    Are you using RIFE?

    I'm still in neuro hell... recovering very slowly from December crash......

    The NurseP/Naturopath who has lyme herself who I started to see after crash has me on a detox kit.. (perque vitamin based). Just started it.

    She is thinking about my treatment and using a little bit of abx "to wake things up" maybe a couple of weeks-and then treating with homeopathics nosodes for lyme and coinfetions-I think it is from desert biologicals.. given I'm sooo sick, still not sleeping, and so sensitive to everything right now.

    Know anyone using those? or heard of success? I think they are "nosodes".
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    I just started the Rife or just got it set up. The Babesia is flaring every 4 days now and I'm desperate. Every thing that worked before isn't now. Waking every hour, I'm also trying a Castor oil liver pack -Desperate time desperate measures and all that rot..:) Do a search on " nosodes Lyme Bytes" she has a lot of information. It reads she had to get hers from Germany but has had get success along with other conventional and non conventional treatments.
    I know you have to get rid of the Babesia and candida first before you can start destroying the Lyme spirochetes. This is so frustrating I felt the best I had in 20 years, even wanted to actually do stuff then bam! it's all over and I spend the day with my head in a bucket!!
    I know we can heal not just go into remission, but finding what works is hard.
    Read those blogs from Lyme Bytes, there's a lot of hope there
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    for what you're sharing. I believe strongly in energy medicine, Rife, etc...
    Yes, a dr at Dr.K's office recommended the castor oil liver pack for my daughter too.
    Keep pressing forward! Your best days are coming! *smile*


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    thanks for your message. I've been logged out for awhile

    I'm going the homeopathic route rght now where they test your energy fields to see what's wrong. I forget what it's called (old chinese testing). Lyme came up, so did Rikettsia. But he told me that my body has other more important issues that need to be worked on first.

    I have another apt this Thurs, interesting to see if things changed. I had to work on yeast first then protozoa, before the dr said my body would respond to lyme treatment.

    He definately said my body would not do good on anti's, which has been the case.

    Testing was a little woo-woo, but he said, have you had probs with this, this, this, and I said yes, and they were things I never told him about,

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    I stillquestion if it's active lyme though.
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    Hi Lisa a lot of the alternative medicines seems to be a bit weird but works. I know with me there were things I first had to deal with before I could even attack the Lyme. I'm still trying to learn more about Lyme and a lot of people can have a number of infections from a tick or mosquito and not have Lyme or it can be a secondary infection.
    Ranea, I just did the pack yesterday and it did help with the constipation11 So glad i do't need to keep taking Miralax! but boy is it messing and oily!
    Been doing the Rife this week every other day and will take a break on the weekend. I notice the Babesia hasn't cycled at all since last Friday- it was cycling from once a month to every 7-8 days then every 4. Lost 6 lbs in 2 days, what a lousy weight lose program. Used it for insomnia and I don't wake up every hour like I usually do but still waking up 1 am and 3 am, I'm sure that's the candida or parasites working the morning shift. I thought I had them under control but learned we are real susceptible to them, Now I'll try zapping them and be more strict with the gut healing