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    Hi Lisa,

    I've noticed you have an interest in Rich's Methylation protocol. Have you run this by Dr. G to see what he thinks?

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    I gave him a copy of the simplified protocol at our last meeting, and he said something to the effect that there are a lot of people who think they have the magic bullet.

    Then he prescribed nebulized glutathione, which I do not think has helped me on the few occasions I tried it. (None of the other forms of glutathione I've used over the years have helped either. The exception is non-denatured whey protein, which I believe has helped my liver.)

    This is not really surprising since the Yasko protocol (to my knowledge) does not have much or any actual success stories yet. And I don't think any other MD's are talking about it either.

    (Dr. Cheney does use FolaPro in his practice....mccondon here seems to be using most of the elements of the protocol. But Cheney's not talking about it in the same way.)

    My feeling is that I am preoccupied with the antivirals now, and that I need to carry them to the end before pursuing the next step. The antivirals are hard enough on the system without my adding more stuff. (I've learned this from experience with a few weeks on the mcb protocol.)

    After I finish with the antivirals, I will consider moving onto the mcb approach. I believe that my progress will go much more quickly if my viral problem is even partially resolved by then.

    I don't know that Dr. Guyer will have been convinced of the merits of the program by then, but that doesn't mean it's not worth trying, especially if people here continue to get success with it. If this is an innate problem with the functioning of my body, then addressing it might help me to get more well and/or stay well.

    If he is not on board by then, I will need to find someone else to do the urine testing. Probably I would have to pay for it out of pocket if so, but there are worse things.

    Anyway, this is all in the future for me. And I do like to see some real success stories before plunging into a treatment anyway, so waiting isn't necessarily a bad thing (especially since I'm doing other things at present). We can waste a lot of our lives feeling bad from treatments that don't work, and so watching for some initial results is not a bad thing for me.

    If I didn't have any other plan though, I'd probably work on the mcb stuff now....

    Best, Lisa