List of all my test, anything else I should check?

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    Below is a list of every test I have had. Is there any test that my docs may have missed?

    Sometimes I feel like they are missing something because I really never here anyone complain about symptoms like mine. A lot of you speak about fog and dizziness but not 24/7. A lot of you speak about burning and flushing but just in one area, I have it all over. I never here anyone speak about frequent urination, stuffy nose/ears and buzzing. The symptoms I have that I do here you speak about is leg pain, gastro problems, anxiety, depression, confusion and flu-like feeling.

    Red cell dist. 12.1 Low
    Mean plt volume 7.3 Low
    Differential normal
    Infectious ulcer eva normal
    H. pylori iga/igm normal
    H.pylori igg ab normal

    Thyroid panel normal
    Routine urinalysis normal
    Cat scan of head sinusitis/normal

    Red cell dist. 12.8 low
    Differential normal
    Lyme antibody weste(quest) negative

    Ct scan of sinuses revealed a small non boney growth or polyop in left maxillary sinus and slight sinusitis.

    ENG results suggest a mixed lesion. Test show decreased vestibular gain to the left. Test show hypersensitivity to motion. Test show increased fall risk. Objective findings revealed impaired use of visual inputs and center of gravity shifted to left. ENG indicates I have peripheral and central signs.

    Hep.A AB total negative
    Hep.B Surface AG negative
    Hep.B core AB tot negative
    Hep.B surface AB negative
    Hep.C Virus AB negative
    Lipid panel and chol/HDL ratio
    Cholesterol, total 220 High
    LDL cholesterol calc 145 High
    Hepatic Function panel normal
    Electrolyte panel normal
    Vitamin b12 and folate normal
    T4 and TSH normal
    T3 uptake normal
    RPR normal
    Sedimentation rate-westergren normal

    CBC with differential/platelet
    Hemoglobin 17.1 high
    Hepatic function panel normal
    Iron and TIBC normal
    EBV positive
    EBV ab vca, igg 170high
    EBV nuclear antigen ab, igg 198 high
    Electrolyte panel normal
    Vitamin b12 and folate normal
    Antinuclear antibodies positive
    Speckled pattern 1:160 high
    Creatinine, serum normal
    TSH normal
    Transferrin normal
    Mono negative
    Ferritin, serum normal
    Lyme ab/total immunoglobulins negative
    Systemic lupus profile a negative
    Brucella abortus igm eia negative
    Cytomeglovirus ab igg positive
    CMV ab, igg 4.7 high
    CMV ab igm 1.39 high Toxoplasma gondii ab igm negative

    CT of chest and abdomen negative
    MRI of head and neck negative
    Immune deficiency profile normal
    T-Lymph markers+NK normal
    Immunoglobulins a/e/g/m, serum normal
    Complement, total normal

    SED rate by westergren normal
    Cardio CRP normal
    HLA-dr,dq phenotype normal
    Homocysteine cardiovascular normal
    DHEA S normal
    Testosterone, total normal
    Babesia comprehensive panel positive
    b. micronti, igg 1:80
    Insulin-like growth factor normal
    Testosterone free and total normal
    Cortisol A.M. normal
    Hormone ACTH normal
    Lyme disease c6 antibodies, igg/igm wb normal
    Carnitine normal
    HHV-6, variant a and b negative
    HHV-8 negitive
    HHV-6 igg elisa 10.85 high
    Lyme c6 peptide negative
    Lyme western blot igg/igm negative
    Lyme igg/igm elisa negative
    Lyme DNA negative
    Chlamydia pneumoniae negative
    Bartonella negative
    Mycoplasma hominis negative
    Mycoplasma fermentans negative
    Mycoplasma penetrans negative
    Mycoplasma pneumoniae negative
    Babesia micronti igg , elisa negative
    Babesia micronti pcr negative

    SPECT scan of head and sinuses negative

    I have been told I have CFIDS, FM and lyme with babesia. Even though I never tested positive to lyme. Any help I would greatly appreciate.
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    About 4 years I did some kind of camera up the nose and was diagnosed with a small deviated septum. No treatment plan.

    About 3 years ago I read about Guifenasin (sp?). It's a decongestant (I think) that helps keep the stuffy nose at bay. I take the generic which is Profen II 800mg / twice a day.

    Sometimes I get lax about taking the Profen. If I don't pay attention to the weather report while I'm not taking it, I get MAJOR headaches when the barometric pressure goes up.

    I currently have a headache which started last night. A little while ago I took a Profen II with plenty of water, waited 15 minutes and took 3 Advils.

    I am now able to breath thru my nose and the headache is getting better.

    Sorry I don't know of more testing but you might ask the doctor about Profen II. If he prescribes, take it faithfully and don't be like me.

    Good luck,
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  4. damz68

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    maybe someone that is going to an FFC has tested positive to a test I have not had, if so please mention it.

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