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    Thank you all for resopnding so quickly to my post. It's great to know that there are places like this for us to complain! This all started about a year ago, more or less. I began feeling very odd suddenly. Literally I was fine one day and the next day I began seeing spots in my vision, having dizzy spells, running into walls, feeling incredibly tired, and in general just feeling sort of drunk. I thought maybe I was just getting depressed again, since I have been bipolar since my teens. After a few days, the sun hurt my eyes so bad that I didn't even want to look out the window. I went thru a period of about a week when the idea of leaving the apartment made me panic. I stopped driving because my eyes were acting so strangely. I ended up leaving my housekeeping job because I was just never sure how I would feel from day to day. My memory became worse by the minute, and I started getting daily headaches and sleeping all afternoon. Finally I broke down and went to the doctor, and he referred me to a neurologist (who happens to be my mother's doctor as well, which helped) and he figured out it was fibro. I have heard many people say that it was a relief to be diagnosed, and this is an understatement in my case. I was completely elated, and spent the rest of the day smiling. I wasn't crazy afterall, and I sort of felt like people might take my complaints seriously since I had actual diseases. Of course I'm finding out that isn't necessarily true, because I don't show any outward signs of disability.
    I am still dealing with what this means to my family and our future. I'm still mourning what I feel like I've lost in my life, and as I said before, my poor husband has had to listen to all of my complaining and my insecurities. My 6 year old son knows that mommy's body is sick and doesn't work the way it is supposed to, and some days he appoints himself my caretaker, which is so sweet and so helpful. Some days we are all able to laugh at the fact that I walk straight into walls, and that my legs seem to fall out from under me while I walk up the stairs. My husband has told me that he's going to put bumpers with bells on all the corners of the walls, so that when I walk thru the house it sounds like a pinball machine. I'm glad that we can laugh at this together, because some days all I can do is cry about it.
    The symtoms I deal with most often are memory loss, confusion, clumsiness, moodiness, constant aches and pains, visual problems like double vision and floaters, ringing in the ears, and due to the neuropathy I have numbness and tingling occasionally in my arms and legs. I also have polycystic ovary syndrome which basically takes away my ability to feel like a girl most of the time. And the complex migraines are the scariest. I go partially blind, I become unable to speak or comprehend what is being said to me, I go numb in one side of my body, and my head explodes. This happened last week while I was home alone with my son, and I was terrified, because I become temporarily unable to protect and care for him the way a mother needs to protect her child. So of course I felt like a complete failure because of all this.
    I feel so limited and held down by this body of mine. Some days I feel like it's not even mine. There was a mix-up somewhere.
    This is getting very long, so I will stop now. I do tend to ramble on. I just thought I would give everyone a little background on myself so you'd know how you were talking to. Thank you all so much for listening and for your responces to my last post. I appreciate so much being able to come here and vent. Thank you again for listening
    P.S. I'm 25 and I live in Missouri with my husband and our 6 year old son.
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    I'm so sorry you have so many problems. Your son sounds like a really sweet child. I missed your other posts, but I do hope you have some good doctors to help with your problems. Best wishes, Sandy
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    I have had the same symptoms and more i an going to see a doctor to help with cognitive therapy on monday and i am going to as him for a mri scan as i think i have fibro as well as CFS/ME and the memory loss is very worrying i keep thinking maybe one day i will forget where i live.

    Loopyloo xx