List your symptoms...I want to see what we have in common!

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  1. meowchowchow

    meowchowchow New Member

    We haven't done this in a while and I always find it interesting:

    Fatigue (especially post exertional)
    Numbness on left side, comes and goes
    Shortness of Breath
    Light Sensitivity
    Shaking (like trembling)
    Muscle Twitches or jerks
    racing heart
    stomach pain
    feel like I'm going crazy
    Sinus problems

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  2. board

    board New Member

    hello i got all of them plus i got sarcoidosis had that frist then fms cfs hope this helps jill
  3. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    and add:

    muscle pain 24/7

    noise sensitivity

    short term memory loss

    words jumbled up, forgetting words (cognitive difficulties)

    sleep disturbance

    and more smaller symptoms

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  4. kevieb

    kevieb New Member

    i found things on the list of symptoms posted that i have and didn't even know they were part of fibro!!

    the things that bother me the most are:
    my feet hurt on the bottom, heels hurt against the mattress even.
    legs ache
    daily headaches
    stiff neck
    aching neck and shoulders when i lay down
    poor sleep
    lying down often gives me a headach, so i sometimes have to sit up until i am so sleepy i am about to drop before i can lay down to go to sleep.
    brain fog is a real irritant for me, i forget things and can't concentrate or orgainize myself---but i do try to laugh at this one alot.
    depression is a real problem
  5. Mareeok

    Mareeok New Member

    ...full body pain from RSD and Fibro (normal pain
    level for me is 5 and higher)
    ...loss of balance especially going up or down stairs
    ...legs buckle
    ...constantly walking into things
    ...memory loss
    ...feet and hands turn red-purple with hot pain
    ...feet and hands blanche pale grey and very cold
    ...legs turn red
    ...brittle and split fingernails
    ...RSD and fibro fog
    ...severe restless leg syndrome
    ...difficulty holding books, magazines
    ...difficulty holding on to stearing wheel in car
    ...leg and toe cramps
    ...difficulty talking sometimes. Can't form words properly
    ...swollen feet and hands when pain is high
    ...sensitivity to extreme heat or cold. always taking or
    putting on clothes
    ...always have to change position when standing or sitting
    due to pain
    ...depression due to RSD, FM, PTSD
    ...constant pins and needles that change from red hot to
    icy cold
    ...trembling hands
    ...body twitching
    ...numbness in hands and feet
    ...constant pins and needles in hand, arms, feet, legs
    ...when in stores/malls can't stay long will get me
    overwhelmed from noise and lights. get dizzy
  6. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    These are my most troublesome symptoms:

    muscle spasms & twitching
    dizziness & loss of balance
    difficulty reading, writing & speaking
    daily headaches
    unrefreshing sleep

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  7. chelebelle05

    chelebelle05 New Member

    Took out what dont apply to me.

    Abnormal sensitivity to hot or cold
    Allergies (nasal, other; new, increased or worsening)
    Canker sores (frequent)
    Feeling hot or cold often
    Flu-like symptoms, on-going or recurrent after initial gradual or acute onset; includes mild fever (99.5-101.5 F / 37.5-38.6 C), chills, extreme fatigue after minimal exertion
    Hair loss (alopecia)
    Low body temperature (below 97.7)
    Night sweats (not related to menopause or fever)
    Temperature irregularities; often feeling hot or cold irrespective of actual ambient temperature and body temperature; low body temperature (below 97.6 F / 36.4 C)


    Dyspnea (out of breath) or shortness of breath (air hunger) after minimal or no exertion
    Heart palpitations


    "Brainfog"; inability to think clearly
    Headaches (all the time never goes away, sometimes severe)
    Joint or arthritic pain not relieved by NSAIDs (ie, ibuprofen)
    Light-headedness, feeling spaced-out
    Muscle twitching
    Noise intolerance
    Parasthesias (numbness, tingling, crawling, itching sensations) in face, torso, hands & feet
    Sensory alterations (hyper- or hyposensitivity) - smell, taste, hearing (noise intolerance)
    Severe muscle weakness (comes & goes)
    Tinnitus (ringing/noises in one or both ears)
    Tremors, trembling


    Difficulty with simple calculations (e.g., balancing checkbook)
    Difficulty expressing ideas in words
    Difficulty recognizing faces
    Difficulty paying attention
    Difficulty following a conversation when background noise is present
    Difficulty making and/or retrieving memories (long/short-term memory deficits)
    Difficulty understanding what you read
    Easily distracted during a task
    Feeling too disoriented to drive
    Forgetting how to do routine things
    Forgetting how to get to familiar places
    Impaired ability to concentrate
    Losing your train of thought in the middle of a sentence
    Poor judgment
    Switching left and right


    Bloating; intestinal gas
    Frequent constipation
    Frequent diarrhea
    Food cravings (especially carbohydrates, sweets)
    Food/Substance intolerance
    IBS symptoms
    Stomach ache, cramps


    Bite your cheeks or tongue frequently
    Bump into things frequently
    Distances (difficulty judging when driving; when putting things down on surfaces)
    Dizziness or vertigo
    Dropping things frequently
    Dysequilibrium (balance problems)
    Impaired coordination
    Loss of balance when standing with eyes closed
    Perception (not quite seeing what you are looking at)
    Some patterns (stripes, checks) cause dizziness
    Staggering gait (clumsy walking)
    Words on printed page appear to jump off page or disappear when staring at them


    Blind spots
    Blurred vision
    Eye pain
    Slowed accommodation (switching focus from far to near, near to far)
    Spots & floaters


    Canker sores
    Dizziness when you turn your head or move
    Pain in ears
    Prickling pain along skin of jaw
    Problems swallowing, chewing
    Runny nose in absence of cold, allergies
    Sinus infections
    Sore spot on the top of your head


    Joint aches
    Loss of tone
    Morning stiffness
    Muscle aches (myalgia)
    Muscle pain, stiffness, weakness
    Writing causes pain in hand, arm shoulder


    Abdominal pain
    Generalized pain
    Joint Pain
    Painful tender points (FMS: 15 out of 18 tender points)
    All over pain all the time


    Abrupt/Unpredictable mood swings
    Anxiety or fear for no obvious reason
    Decreased self-esteem
    Depression or depressed mood
    Inability to enjoy previously enjoyed activities
    Irritability; over-reaction
    Rage attacks; anger outbursts for little or no reason


    Alteration in taste, smell, and/or hearing
    Food sensitivities
    Increased perception of and sensitivity to noise
    Light sensitivity
    Sensitivity to odors (able to detect them before healthy people can smell them)


    Blotchy skin
    Bruise easily
    Bruises may take longer to appear, and/or longer to fade
    Dermographia (minor scratch pressure on skin leaves vivid red welts
    Easily scar,
    Painful skin (abnormal/excessive pain when scratched or rubbed)



    Altered sleep/wake patterns (alert/energetic late at night, sleepy during day
    Difficulty falling asleep
    Difficulty staying asleep (frequent and/or prolonged awakenings)
    Myclonus (restless leg syndrome; occasional jerking of entire body)
    Unrefreshing/Non-restorative sleep
    Infant: premature; low birth weight (5 of my 7)
    Miscarriage (5 of them before 7 weeks)
    Painful intercourse
    Pelvic pain
    Other symptoms worsen before start of menstruation
    Worsening of PMS


    Abnormal or other changes in sweating
    Fatigue, prolonged, disabling, made worse by exertion or stress
    Hands hurt excessively when put in cold water
    Handwriting changes, altering signature and/or other writing
    Painful, weak grasp that gives way/lets go
    Periods of concentrated thinking causes physical and mental exhaustion, increases pain
    Symptoms worsened by extremes of temperature (hot, cold), stress, and/or air travel
    Very attractive to biting flies and mosquitoes
  8. DoveL

    DoveL Member

    Here are my smptoms...You are all not alone!!! Hugs-DOVE

    I have CFS/FMS

    chronic pain
    Chronic fatigue
    Fevers 99-101
    sensitivites to light and sound
    Sensitivities to chemicals, smells, medicines
    flu-like feeling
    brain fog
    burning skin
    hair loss
    Blurred vision
    muscle spasms
    racing heart
    depression/anxiety(who wouldn't be???)

  9. rosethorn

    rosethorn New Member

    I was shocked to read the list of symptoms people were having. I have struggled with FM for over 5 years now with no one to talk to about it.

    This early winter I had an MRI done for the following...(no one told me that it could be part of FM symptoms)....numbness that came and went in my left foot (up part of my leg) and hand, a sore spot on my head (right had side), sometimes when I grabbed the car stering wheel, only some of my fingers would respond. I also just about blacked out several times. They also did an EEG of my brain when I said that that I had sensitivies to perfume smells.

    I still do not know the results of all of these tests...but after reading all these lists I realized that it could all very well be related to FM.

    Other symptoms,
    depression off and on
    noise sensitivity
    light sensitivity
    headaches when I don't eat, if I wait too long...start to shake inside
    eye muscles hurt off and on
    muscle pain
    skin sensitive to touch...once in a while
    allergies to gluten and milk
    fibro fog


  10. kbo

    kbo New Member

    Mine are almost identical... I'll list my additional symptoms at the bottom, and delete the ones that I don't have.
    Fatigue (especially post exertional)
    Numbness on right side (face and calf) comes and goes
    Shortness of Breath
    Light Sensitivity/ Sound Sensitivity/ Sensivity to smells
    Shaking (like trembling) (especialy my hands)
    Muscle Twitches or jerks (especially my fingers jerk) All my muscles twitch)
    racing heart
    feel like I'm going crazy

    Additional Symptoms:
    Occasional numbness on bottom of my feet.
    Creepy crawling sensations between my fingers and toes
    Chest pain, like I'm always having a heart attack.
    Eye lid twitches
    New allergies to almost eveything (medications & food) I didn't think you could be allergic to Benedryl, but I am now.
    Restless arm syndrome (only sometimes)
    Vision problems like I see "after images" when I look away from something (all the time)
    Floaters in my vision.
    hives for no apparent reason (little red spots on my hands)
    blood pressue drops when I go from lying down to siting to standing.
    Mitral Valve Prolapse
    I'm sure I have many more
    It's amazing to see that so many of us have the same symptoms that doctors just shrug their shoulders at.
  11. JPach007

    JPach007 New Member

    All my muscles in my back hurt including my hips.
    Under my arms and chest muscles hurt
    Very tired all the time
    Stiff and sore when I wake up
    stiff and sore getting out of a sitting position
    trouble thinking
    trouble remembering
    trouble processing words as people are talking to me
    give me math problems...then I really struggle

    I know theres more..but of course I dont remember right now!
  12. fmhurt

    fmhurt New Member

    Ihave just about all of these but i want to know if anyone has had these problems. I went to the hospital one month ago
    thinking i had a stroke, the drs. done ct scan, mri blood work and it was about the 4th day they said they think it was a minie stroke because it made my face draw.everything was ok with the test. with a minie stroke my systoms should have been gone but they are not gone my rightside of face was drawn, in the topof my face at hairline still burns and numb felling my leftsde of body was numb from my shoulder to bottom of foot. i'm still numb from my hip to my foot. it feels just like novacain that the dentist would use before pulling a feethave started burning real bad i was told a long time ago i had neuropathy , i also have fibro and i can't get no relieft from all the pain my drs have me on lortabs for pain but like right now they don't help.if anyone has had this numbnss please let me know.
    my dr is sending me to another dr to see if they can fine out whats going on. it;s got me scared. please keep me in your prayers. carolyn
  13. cafe52

    cafe52 New Member

    Pian is my biggiest symptom lately it has gotten worsesharp terrible pain in hips and thigh area

    chronic bursitis
    stiff neck and shoulders
    back pain
    stinging feeling in feet
    abdominal pain
    poor sleep due to pain and other things
    Fatigue( espcialy after exertion
    mussel weakness ( with the ability toto summon strenth when need, its more like a sensation that my limbs are very heavy feeling.)
    mussel cramps that cause my legg or hip to give out.

  14. jana15

    jana15 New Member

    we all seem to have such similar symptoms. Yes I have most of the above mentioned as well. Some others I have are:

    extremely sore hands especially if I use door handles or clap hands. Although like many of the symptoms, this gomes and goes.

    Low white blood cell count


    Low ferretin

    feel like my feet doen't quite touch the ground when I walk.

    My worst symptom by far is the fatigue.

    Cheers Jana

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