Listen to your body, it knows when it's something else.....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mom2many, Nov 5, 2008.

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    I haven't felt good for a few days but couldn't really tell what was going on, you know when you have fibro you just hurt and can't tell when something else is wrong. Well yesterday I finally thought I might have a bladder infection but I was getting ready to get the kids from school so I picked up some cranberry juice and some kind of pills at the health food store and told my self if I still had pain I'll call the Dr in the morning.

    So this morning, still in pain and waiting for the Dr.'s office to open and than I remember it's Wednesdays and my Dr. isn't in today. But DH didn't think I should wait another day so he called a Dr that he has done business with (it's a husband and wife team and they had been asking us to come by and even them a try after hearing of all my hard time with Dr.'s). So I went in today, Great NP, very care and really listened, we talked about my fibro a bit and my recurring shingles and she gave me Neurontin with-out me really asking for it and asked me to come in and see one of the Dr.'s for a FULL check-up.

    Anyway point of my story, I do have a bladder infection AND sinus infection.

    But I think I might have found a good Dr, at least I like the NP so far. :)

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