Listened To Mikovits XMRV Presentation

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by retrogirl, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. retrogirl

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    I was able to hear part of the live feed last night. Ok is it just me or my CFS brain fog. Most of it seemed very technical and went over my head. I was disappointed. Maybe someone else that listened in can interpret all the scientific lingo. If there is encouraging news that would be helpful to myself and others.
  2. slammed

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    when the live stream was interrupted at the 0:27 mark, everything up to that point was pretty technical without a doubt. also, the quality of the picture i was receiving was blurry. . . it was difficult to read the slides as they were presented. those two factors made it hard to fully comprehend all that was put forth. when ProHealth does the replay (i think early next week), it should be clearer, now that we know what to expect: about 2.5 hours of concentration. i'm planning to be at "peak energy" for that time, whatever it takes.

    when the live feed resumed over an hour after it went off (still no info on why that happened), it was into the Q and A session. this section i found to be much more understandable as a patient, although certainly Dr. Mikovits has a ton of information to share. being/staying alert for the final hour was challenging as stamina dropped off. hopefully when ProHealth edits their version for next week, they can enhance the volume on the persons attending who asked questions. i couldn't hear the questions at all, just the answers.

    it isn't possible to put into synopsis here everything that Dr Mikovits presented over 2.5 hours of time. but,what was good to have reinforced was that there is on-going work with (two), i believe she said, Big Pharma companies toward developing new drugs to go against XMRV. this seems to be on-schedule as to what she said in early December. for those who have tested positive and want to begin a medication vs XMRV, first the drug has to exist. so it's good to know of that progress.

    retrogirl, much of what Dr. Mikovits says reminds me of sitting in a college classroom , listening to a really intelligent professor putting out her forte` topic. if that were the case, we would all be taking notes like crazy so, in later reviewing them, it might become clearer. i'm not going that far myself, but i will be very clear-minded as possible for the replay.

    we are so fortunate to have someone of Dr. Mikovits' caliber working to solve the CFS problem. she is dedicated, passionate about her work, and really loaded with knowledge. that's comforting to me, and worth getting brain-fogged after her presentation!

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