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    I read your song and yes, it does to get a copyright on a song. I would definitely get one, however, would probably add more to it. Someone really could steal it, although I don't believe anyone here would but you never know who "surfs" the internet.

    I read the poem and really liked it. I had a copyright on a song years ago, which still do, but I know the price has changed since then. I'm wanting to say $30.00 now but again, not sure. Look up information on copyrights. I have looked it up before as I have many songs here at home (on tapes/cd's) and looked into at one time; never got the rest of them done.

    I am (was) a musician and really think you should do it but like I said, I would add more and make sure you have a chorus line.

    Keep It Up!

    God Bless You!

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    Again, I do like it and maybe one day you can get a copyright on it, possibly even sell the song after the copyright. I'm not familiar with that process but do know it's done.

    Take Care and God Bless,