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    Hi, I'm glad you like my girl, her name is Wind Dancer. It's taken me awhile to begin to earn her trust, so different from a backyard baby. I Love looking out me window and seeing her in the pasture. I don't know if I have what it takes to train, and ride her. Plan to take it slow and easy, and if i don't feel safe enough to ride her,(not because of her, but me) she will make an awesome broodmare.
    I've read alot on natural horsemanship and played around with it some. I don't have the strengh to chase a horse around a round pen. I was looking at a gentle trainer called Frank Bell, he uses alot of touching to gain trust and bond, and does most of his stuff at the end of a long lead. I'm thinking of buying his tape on young horses.
    You have great taste! I loved Rawlins also, and Gray eagle, there is a waiting list for his babies. Although i checked out his two foals this year, and thought they both had a hard look to the eye. Who know from only one pic.

    What state are you located in? I'm in MN, would like to go see the cayuse ranch. Did you know Jesse James just passed away?, another of my favorites, and also like Rambler.

    I have alot of fun looking at all the spanish Mustang web sites, and also going to the message boards.

    I have alway wanted to learn dressage, and jumping, so now i'm jealous!! In Northern MN it's Western and quarter horse country. I would have to drive at least 4 hours just to find someone to give me lessons. Me and my sister did just that once, dressage is hard work!! Nothing sissy about it! I always thought Eventing would be the coolest.

    So how did you find the spanish mustang and why do you like them? I was actually looking at the Kiger, and then discovered the Spanish Mustang, the breeders were alot closer, so it just made sence.

    Sorry, i got long winded,
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    Hi to you,

    Slow and easy is definitely the way to go. I have read some good things about Frank Bell. I don’t think SMs always go for the ‘chasing around the round pen’ stuff either. You would probably do best with some of the older ‘natural’ horsemanship methods like those of the Dorrance brothers and Ray Hunt rather than the newer ‘media wonders’. There is nothing wrong with sending her to a professional trainer when the time comes for saddle training. Just be sure that it is a trainer who understands SMs.

    I wasn’t overwhelmed with Grey Eagle’s first foals either. Like you say, it is difficult to judge from just one picture and the mare plays a part, too. I have really liked the foals that Sirbee has produced on the Rawlins daughter(Moonlight) and granddaughter(Chocolate Lady) the last few years. I like Rambler, too, and Kids Reflection.

    I saw on the ‘unofficial’ SMR board that Jesse James had passed on. That Doby/Blue Corn cross produced several fine horses and I think Jesse was the last of them. I am not an SMR member, so have not joined the official SMR board. Since I don’t have a horse of my own now, I ‘live vicariously’ by going to the Spanish horse web sites and message boards.

    I live in central IL. I grew up riding a feral pony. Like many people, I thought that all feral horses were Spanish or mostly Spanish. When my pony got old and I was thinking about getting another, I wanted ‘another’ Spanish pony. I have since learned that my pony probably did not have much, if any, Spanish ancestry. In learning more about the Spanish horses, they seemed the most like my pony in terms of soundness of body and mind, and personality. I still thought they would be what I would like best. I considered adopting a BLM mustang, but I don’t have anywhere to keep one until it is gentle and am not sure I could deal with one. They also vary so much that the one I got might not be very much like my pony.

    When ever the subject of sports and exercise came up and I said that I rode, someone would invariable say, “Well, that isn’t really much exercise. All you do is sit up there while the horse does all of the work”. How little they knew! I, too, always thought eventing would be the coolest. Have you ever been to the Kentucky Horse Park? I love the cross country course there. My dream is to someday ride a horse on that course.

    It’s easy to get long winded when talk about horses, isn’t it,

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