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    You need to send me an email, Please, your address is in my computor that crashed, so i have to wait for people to email me, before i can email them,

    I'm going into the main web server sight thur my hubbys computor, to get my emails.

    Has your mom come to terms with her heart test yet? And is she treating her digestive system yet?

    I hope she's feeling better, I will pray again.

    Linda Tellington-Jones, has some good thing to offer, but it's different then i'm use to. However her ground work is easier to do than the round pen. Of course she is not the be all end all. Alot of it is really just the same thing others are doing just a different style.

    I tried some things out on Dove (wind dancer) Monday, and it seemed to go quite well.

    I even put my full weight on her back for the first time, on my stomach, and she wasn't bothered, but she was also munching green grass in the yard.

    And when it comes to food, she ignores all else!LOL
    A horse after my own stomach!

    I suppose i overdid it now, it was the first good day i had, and i enjoyed it!! Today i had to do the grocery shopping thing, we will see how i'm doing tomorrow!

    My husband is going to have to buy me a new computor to get me out of his office now!!LOL
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    I'm wondering, how willing to trust you, or cooperate with you is your mom??

    Could you get her on a good Pribiotic?? It may really help better that the doc's drugs with nasty side effects.

    I wonder if you could talk her into doing the shake.

    I know how resistant, these older loved one can be, my Grandma is dying with cancer. And she is not open to any natural supplements, that may help her, but will take anything a dr. gives her,

    Even while complaining about it and side effects the whole time. And of course they don't eat well at that age, they hardly eat at all.

    She is just resigned She's 85, how old is your mom?

    Take care of yourself, will look for your mail this weekend.

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    Well, i hope she will continue to cooperate with your Dad.

    I will lift her up in prayer, that she will continue to take the pribiotic, and there will be good noticible results.

    Your Dad probable needs prayer too, for worry, stress, and patients.

    Will lift up both your parents to the Lord.

    Do they have your faith?