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    I am sorry that I missed your post to me on Kellyanne's thread. I just read it so Your birthday has come and gone I guess. Well you are one year older than me!

    The story about you trying to get on horse made me chuckle a little, I know it was not funny to you who are used to riding, but I would not be able AT ALL to get up on a horse.

    Truly, it has always been my husbands dream to have small ranch with some horses. He loves to ride and loves to take care of them.

    But, he also loves golf and would love to live on golf course as well, so which one will win out in retirement????

    Nice to meet you and talk to you.

    Gentle Hugs,
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    Yes, and I am not sure he is ready to put golf clubs in the closet!!!!!!!! He loves his golf!
    One day he wants ranch with horses and pond and animals so when grandchildren come it is nice experience, but yet he wants us to travel too. Who is going to take care of those animals when we are gone??????

    Next day he wants to live on the golf course so he can just walk out to get on course!!!!!!!! Needs to make up his mind, doesn't he? Keeps me in commotion!!!!!!!!

    Your horses really are pretty, though.

    God Bless,