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  1. littlebrownwren

    littlebrownwren New Member

    For those of you who read my post, I just wanted to say that sometimes I fear someone will take my lighthearted replies the wrong way.

    I do not mean to make light of anyones illness. I hurt the same way you do. I miss my old life.

    Sometimes laughing at my illness makes it easier for me to deal with. If I ever lose the ability to laugh at myself then I just don't know what I would do.

    So please don't take offense at my lightheartedness. I care that we all hurt.

    I've found a lot of comfort here, knowing there are others who are going through the same dificulties.

    Thanks to each of you

  2. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    glad you get some comfort from here...


  3. NancyMystic

    NancyMystic New Member

    I always read your posts. I always know I'll enjoy them because you have a nice sense of humor and are cheerful and positive.

    Also you have good sense and give good advice. Your posts are always to the point and easy to read.

    I don't think you need worry about anyone taking you wrong - if they do, it's because there's something wrong with them, not because of anything wrong with your posts.


  4. Mumof3blessings

    Mumof3blessings New Member

    Although I am new here and have not yet read any of your posts, I felt the call to respond to this.

    My life revolves around being lighthearted. I have many friends who do not understand me simply because I always look on the bright side whereas they seem to dwell on all the bad.

    I think being a cheery person and trying to see the best in everything is a great asset in a person.

    I look forward to reading your lighthearted responses and already feel that I'm gonna get the odd chuckle.

    Cheers Michelle
  5. littlebrownwren

    littlebrownwren New Member

    Thanks girls

    I do laugh at myself sometimes. When I search for words in the fog and cant find them.

    When the fatigue sets in and the trip across the floor seems endless.

    The pain when I can't seem to run away from it .

    I try to find humor in my situation and go with it.

    I love to read and just finished a book. Had to read the ending 5 times to do it but I finaly found out who the good guy was.LOl

    Someone once said that if you can make one person smile the the day is worth living.

    II do try even if it's at myself.

    Some of my recent 'almost' falls could have won me a shirt on AFV.