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    I just got a live blood analysis, anyone ever done it? what did yours look like? Is this the same as looking for mycoplasms? Did the treatement they gave you helped you in any way?
    I was recommended that I get my silver fillings taken out all 9 of them!! and then follow a regime to re-establish my balance and kill off the bugs(which I have tons of)

    anyone got their silver fillings removed? did it hurt? was it expensive? does insurance pay for it? is there any way to get insurance to pay for it?

    please respond!! thanks
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    At the local health food store one day. It cost $65, but I wasn't convinced that it's worth getting done and I knew nothing about this guy. The people at the store did say he seemed to be very accurate.

    Usually, if the fillings are old, the dentist can get insurance to ante up for at least part of the dental work. Mine did. Be sure the dentist knows what he or she is doing and uses precautions to keep the mercury from spreading in your system. It's kinda like removing asbestos from an older building.

    Love, Mikie
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    My doc sent me for the live & dried blood analysis. What did you see on yours? Mine showed bacterial & viral infection, and heavy metals. My red cells looked pretty good, only a few weren't shaped right. I am also going to the process of mercury removal. I explained my dental work in my reply to your filling removal post.

    I have a great holistic doc. I've been getting IV treatments weekly with vitamins & supplements, and they really help me. When I miss a week or two, I start to feel a relapse. We'll continue this schedule while I go through the mercury removal & detox, since it seems to keep me at a steady level.

    Let me know if you have any other questions, since it seems like we're dealing with a lot of the same things.

    Pam J

  5. sssupermom

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    I saw mine in some sort of tv. It looked like a strand of pearls as opposed to being all scattered around like normal blood would look like. Also, there was some stuff that looked like spider web in the area around the blood cells. I did a search in the internet and my blood sample is common for someone with cfs.

    I will look into a reputable doctor to get this silver stuff off.
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    I had a whole mouth full removed, 8 I think and they pulled one other. They say it does not matter but who knows. You can go under and see their opinion on it.

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    The first time the practitioner told me I was a walking dead woman. He couldn't believe someone as sick as I was could walk into his office under her own power.
    I went to somebody else for a second opinion, and the results were the same... Severe yeast overgrowth and free radical damage to 85% of my red cells (the looked like Pac Man had been taking bites out of them). I also had a fibroblast, which is supposed to be an indication of an immune system that is on it's last legs.
    I was told most of my problems were due to sugars, and after 2 1/2 motnhs of a no-sugars diet and UltraClear treatment, and refrigerated Probiotics, I had the third live blood anyalysis done, and it was beautiful.
    The only thing still wrong with me on the third analysis was too much aggregation of platelets, which is common in migraine sufferers.
    I had a hard time sticking to no sugar diets before this, but a picture was worth a thousand words.
    I know this is considered quackery, but once you've seen the pictures, it is hard not to believe it means something, at least in the hands of a good practitioner. Like anything else, there are people who know what they're doing, and those who don't.
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    How are you feeling now? are you better or the same? are you finished with the treatment or is this still ongoing? I had the rouleaux effect(the blood cells look like a pearl necklace one stacked on top of the other)the doctor told me that she seen worse, but that is all she pretty much told me.