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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KLJ, Jan 11, 2003.

  1. KLJ

    KLJ New Member

    Just wondering if any of you ever log into the live chat? I was just in there and no one was in the fibromyalgia room. Of course, those of us with stiff hands might not be able to type that fast!!!
  2. northwoodssue

    northwoodssue New Member

    Hi KLJ:
    I 've tried to get into the chat rooms several times, but have a different problem than you. My computer just freezes up and won't let me in!!!! Don't know why, but it's very frustrating. I also noticed no one else in the fibro rooms. wonder what gives??? Is there a reason no one has been on there when I tried several times??
    might try again.
    good luck,
  3. 1maqt

    1maqt New Member

    I thought it was me! I tried to get on the chats, and My computer wouldn't let me, then I tried again, and noone was home.

    Reeellly, I have never done the chat thing before, and thought I was just computer illiterate. I had used computers
    for work, but when I was at the Travel Corp., you didn't dare use it for personal. Never had a personal one till recently. My son felt sorry for me and gave me one. That's how I did the research for FMS, and found the meds.
  4. KLJ

    KLJ New Member

    I think some of us should try to get on their together. I am not the most computer literate either, but we will figure it out!
  5. hurley63

    hurley63 New Member

    It's so frustrating, I've tried all weekend to get on but it won't even except my user name or password. I have even e-mailed support that didn't even help. maybe we should go to different type of chat. I love this site it is so helpful to get answers and people that know where you're coming from.

    HURTSALOT2 New Member

    Hi KLJ, I was able to get into chat room. I said hi to a few people but did not make conversation. Do you go in as KLJ?
  7. coyote

    coyote New Member

    I've ventured into the chat room a few times and have found some of the same people there each time.
    It seem like a pretty good chat room.