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    Live for Today

    Today are tomorrow’s yesterdays.
    When tomorrow comes today will be only but a memory.
    Live for today and not yesterday.
    You can not change yesterdays gone by.
    What happened yesterday is all but a memory.
    Whether good or bad does not matter.
    If you live for yesterdays, you will never see today.
    What happens today will be yesterday’s memory tomorrow.
    Whether it was good or bad does not matter.
    Do not dwell on yesterday, of what was.
    Nor dwell on tomorrow of what might be.
    But only on today, of what is.
    Look for today and make it what you can.
    For you are exchanging a day of your life for it.
    Only you can make it what it is.
    Look for it beauty and achievement.
    Not it pettiness and waste.
    For when night falls you can look back on today.
    Without regret, radiant spirit, and thankful heart
    And forward to tomorrow.

    Kimmi d. PGW 1990

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    Thank you for sharing your Beautful writtings.
    Do you belong to any site's, for Writters?

    I have meet a few people, that have such a talent to put into words, what others feel, but may not be able to speak.
    You are diffently among them.

    Nice to meet you, I see you have just joined the board here, hope you continue to share your "Gems" with us.

    I write, but mostly stories, some day, I will finish the Book,
    we all have a Story to tell, .....:eek:)

    Sorry your ill, bet it's due to the Gulf War, it seem's to have had that effect on so many of our Vet's.
    My Brother is currently in a NH. He's a VN. Vet, got hurt over there.
    Before he was bedridden he Rode Hog's, so your name caught my eye, and again thank you for sharing some of your talent.

    (Do you really work on Helicopters, how Cool is That,
    I'm an old retired, Semi driver myself, among many other job's that I have had.)

    Hope your day's a Good one,

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