live in australia love to get messages from me/fm women 40-50

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  1. elley

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    thanks for contacting me,would love to get some pen pals to discuss our lives with these conditions. and give encouragement and support.have been sick 4yrs with cfs/me fm arthritis/asthma all after an influenza was working as a registered nurse.bye elley
  2. s43

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    and welcome to this board,i have fm,oesteoarthritus,hypothyroidism,i am 43yrs and have also finished work 2yrs ago because of this illness.You have come to the right place you will have a lot of encouragement and support and valuable information about these conditions.By the way i live in the UK.Take care SHARON
  3. phenom

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    hi elley welcome to the boards. i'm 21, had FMS since i was about 8 or 9, asthma since birth, and am starting to suspect cfs :( and i live in perth.

  4. Katlover

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    I'm brand spanking new to this site, and love it! I visit every day while I am on my lunch hour. Everyone seems to be truly concerned about each other. It is so wonderful!! Even though my hubby is very, very compassionate about my condition, sometimes it just feels like he doesn't understand how bad the symptoms can be - like the fatigue!!! I was diagnosed with fibro almost a year and a half ago (and diagnosed with cfs about 2 weeks ago). My symptoms started after my hubby and I were in a wreck. We were rear-ended and have both suffered since (the wreck was 1998). I have asthma too. It's almost too much to bear sometimes, isn't it? My asthma doc put me on Advair and I'll swear, within a week or two my fibro symptoms doubled! I just turned 40 (YIPPEEE!). No kids, but 3 cats and 2 dogs are plenty to keep up with! I live in Georgia (ugh!) Born and bred in Kentucky and want to move back there!! (or Australia - I've always wanted to visit - the countryside is absolutely breathtaking!!!!!)
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  5. basket21

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    You have arrived at the best site available. I researched quite a few and not only do you get to talk to others who totally understand what you are going thru but it's available 24 hours a day instead of once a month for a couple of hours which is what you would get in a support group. I can't get to my group anymore as I can't drive now, and I have found this is much better anyway.
    I hurt my back 2x at work in l994 and was rear ended in l995. Then the FM set in and I quite working in 1996 when I was in so much pain I could not even take my coat off. Luckily everyone at home is gone leaving my hubbie and myself. Do you have children at home yet? I find it hard enough with him and I.
    What is the time difference, I am in Ontario Canada. It's much nicer to write when you know the other person is up and available.
    Look forward to hearing from you, take care.....basket21
  6. lease79

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    & WELCOME to the site!
    Fellow Aussie here, (I'm from Sth Aust) & I'm a 23 y.o. married Mum of three beautiful little girls & another bub on the way.
    Hope you enjoy it here :)

  7. rosella

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    I am from Adelaide, but now live in British Columbia, Canada. I have had FM for 14 years & am now 52. I too would like to talk with someone, as I find that when I begin a post such as this, so many experiences, ideas, theories & misconceptions come to mind & I find myself unable to know where to start. This sounds confusing, I know, but at the moment that is how my poor old brain is not working!!!!!!!
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  8. Revella

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    Glad to meet someone from Australia. I will turn 48 the 19th of this month. I live in Batesville, Arkansas. I have a daughter who is 27 and a son that is 23. I have a 2 yr. old grandaughter, Alyson who is going to have a baby brother in June that will be named Brandon. I also have a grandson who turns 3 on the 23 of this month. I have had FM since my son was about 2. Of course, I wasn't diagnosed until about 7 years ago. I have tried alot of different things to get relief but most have either not helped or only helped for a short time.
    I've only been posting on this board for a few months, and post more often on the worship board than this one, but I love the unity that is felt by the people here and have learned alot.
    Looking forward to hearin from you.
  9. mapessd

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    Hi Elley
    This was my first web sit i ever came to now. I go to many others but still come back here. Many fine people here and really caring. I have learned so much from them all. I have Fm and Cfs. Dont know how long i've had it but i think it's at least 14 yrs. So be sure to keep coming back Ok (have you tried the chat room ?)
    Soft Hugs
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  10. mellow

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    I am 53 years old and live in Sydney. I have RA, Fibro./CFand IBS. I have 3 adult children and 3 grandchildren (7, 4, 18 mths.). Welcome to the board. Mellow
  11. elley

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    thanks everyone who wrote to me and sent encouragement,you are great.i'm going to name you all .......mellow57 mapessed23 phenom93 s43 sharon katlover3 saphire 311 basket21 craftyjody275 lease79 cindylou 432002 rosella52 revella3 i'm not sure how to contact you all individually but will work it out
    thanks again elley