Live in North Toronto, Richmond Hill, Thornhill?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by robbiebaby, Apr 27, 2003.

  1. robbiebaby

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    I'm looking for any other postees who may live near me and can recommend a pain clinic, doctor, etc for FM.
    And maybe to form a support group?

  2. nogilroy

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    i a bumping this up for you . i would not much help to you .i live in a small town near sarnia . see you latter and welcome . there is suppsoed to be somthing on top of the page that will let you find a docter near you i am still trying to find this but do to brain fog have never seem to find it
  3. nacl4y

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    Just saw your post. I work in Richmond Hill - live in Keswick....

    I can't think of a pain clinic / doc in the area really. For my FM I used to go see Dr. Sugai in Richmond Hill - he is Fantastic - he's a rhematologist and I believe an internist actually. But I moved away for 3 years... and since I've been back haven't gone to see him. (dumb or what)

    I can check around and see if anyone I know knows of a pain clinic though, and if I find out one I'll let you know.

    Shannon L.
  4. Jen F

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    I live in former city of York. Oh, the search for a cfs doctor who is takign patients...

    I actually was given a recommendation for a pain clinic yesterday, which I meant to take to my md today and I have lost it. a whole file folder of info has disaappered, mayb i left in cab...

    If you are willing to host a support group in your home or a local comfortable cafe, why don't you contact ME ontario and see if they can help you set something up?

    I am in a CFS support group for a particular Toronto area, tho it has expanded vastly, with the dissolution of the only 2 other homebased support groups.

    good luck.

    If you find a cfs doc, let ME know please!