Livedo Reticularis/Cutis Marmorata

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  1. Hava

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    Hey - I think I posted this in the wrong place before ...

    I've been diagnosed with cutis marmorata, aka, livedo retucularis, aka, mottled skin. I've had extensive blood work done to no avail for any cause -- or cure for that matter. I've had it pretty bad for about three years, mainly on my legs, but do remember seeing it when I was even younger on my hands. It gets worse (it's spreading), slowly but surely, and I am afriad of the day when it will consume me. I don't have any other complications with it (yet). I was thinking of seeing if a dermatologist might recommend sclerotherapy - thoughts?

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    ...I have it on my legs and hands. My 16 yr. old daughter has it on her legs, hands, and arms.The rheumy told me it is probably because I have raynauds as I have had testing and nothing else turned up,just positive ana. Apparently it is caused by dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system and "normal" people have it also.I don't think there is anything you can do for it but maybe keep warm as it is more noticable when you are cold.

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    I was tested for prothrombin time and it came out ok - is that the same thing?

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    should I have a rheumy test me for this? and for hpocoagulation?

    did your or your daughter's spots/mottled skin expand/spread? In the last year it seems like it has spread on me.

    it started as one dark red dot about 4 years ago and has gotten worse - possibly due to flare-ups, I don't know. My ANA was negative though, so I wonder if that might point to Primary Raynuad's Phenom - any thoughts about that?

    I'm also reading alot about the effects of estrogen and birth control pills - any info about that too?

    thanks for your help and - I thought I was alone in this world.
  5. aching

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    I don't think you need the Dr. to test you for raynauds. I think you'd know if you had it. You go dead white, either at the ends of your finger or like me in a stripe across the middle of my ring and middle fingers.After they get a bluish hue and sometimes get bright red after. It can also be painful.I think there are tests but they're unreliable and kind of sadistic -sticking your hand in an ice bucket. My livedo is mostly between my inner thighs and knees. My daughters is also on the back of her arms. I have many red spots on the inner portion of my legs that look like telangectasia sp?.They were suspecting scleroderma in me so they may have something to do with that. I'm going to talk to my Dr. about the hypercoagulation. It does sound like me.I don't expect him to be very responsive tho.I don't know about the hormonal effects.I was only on the pill twice,briefly and my migraines got so bad I had to go off of them. Good luck at the Drs. Let me know what he says. It's nice to know there are others souls in this world with the same afflictions.
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    Checking into the possibiltiy of hyperoagulation could give you your life back!

    I can't stay any longer; too many things to do today!

    Hang in there, guys, and best wishes to all,

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    ...I am going to read everything I can find on it. I will approach my G.P about it in a month as I have to go back about my palpitations. I expect to be told "you read too much" tho.
    Thanks again,