Liver and gallbladder flushes

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  1. I was wondering if anyone's had any experience of these. I'm thinking about doing one, just to try it but am wondering about the detox symptoms from the toxins being released, which I'm worrying could be quite hazardous. Any thoughts?
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    I considered these but decided they would be too taxing on my system.
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    Hi Spinney - my chiropractor who does muscle testing helped me with both gallbladder and liver problems.

    Several years ago my gallbladder was inflamed, discovered through muscle testing - I had symptoms of a malfunctioning gallbladder - feeling full for hours and hours after eating, as though the food was just sitting there, sometimes pain in my right side, burping, anyways, he gave me AF Betafood by Standard Process and it helped enormously. I learned I also had to start taking hydrochloric acid with meals - I had low stomach acid which was a contributing factor. I also learned that lemon juice was very good for both the gallbladder and liver.

    So I didn't do a gallbladder flush but after being treated with AF Betafood, my gallbladder started functioning normally again (and also taking HCL with meals, especially heavy meals).

    My brother did a gallbladder flush for gallstones and I understand you have to be careful with this as if the gallstones are too large, it can be dangerous to do. His weren't (too large) and he was able to flush his gallstones, but I had a friend whose gallstones her doctor said were the size of a golf ball, and my chiropractor ( a different one) said it would be dangerous for her to do the flush because they were so large. So you have to know what you're dealing with.

    I did do a liver detox with my original chiropractor about 10 years ago. My digestion was very screwed up and one glass of wine would leave me feeling sick for an entire day, and 2 glasses would make me sick for 2 or 3 days. I'd had a job when I was 19 where I had heavy exposure to chemical solvents and that appeared to be the culprit (some 30 years later). So I did a liver detox under the supervision of this chiropractor, using Standard Process supplements which he gave me. It was rather rough, but I stuck it out for a month. I did get very tired, felt crappy etc. But at the end of the month my liver was much better, and I can now tolerate wine in moderate amounts without getting sick. It really worked. I also started taking milk thistle which helps repair and protect the liver.

    So yes, toxins are released when doing a liver detox and you should go slowly or it can overwhelm your body. But it was worth it to me. My digestion improved almost 100%.

    I've had very good results with chiros who do muscle testing so I recommend that route.

    Hope this helps -