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  1. gracebeliever

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    It seems as if every month I develop a new condition to my ever growing list. It has caused me to go into a deeper depression. I was wondering if anyone else has ever been diagnosed with NALD (non-alcoholic liver disease). My AST and ALT numbers had been growing higher since this past October. My doctor finally sent me to have a sonogram of my liver and spleen, and my liver is enlarged and there are a lot of fatty deposits. He thinks it was caused by medication that contains tylenol and also could be caused by diet. The thing is, I rarely eat any fried foods or foods that contain high fat. I am not able to eat any red meat due chronic kidney stones, and have cut food with high fat content due to high cholesterol/triglycerides. For two months, I stopped taking anything with tylenol and ate a very low fat diet. The AST/ALT still increased, so I have to go to a gastroenterologist. I have no idea what he/she is going to do, but to be honest, I am a little scared. I don't mean to sound like a baby, but I have developed so many illnesses since being diagnosed with ME/CFS & FM three years ago.

    Just wondering if anyone else has been diagnosed with Non-alcoholic liver disease.
  2. TigerLilea

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    According to Mayo Clinic the following can contribute to NALD:

    - Certain medications
    - Gastric bypass surgery
    - High cholesterol
    - High levels of triglycerides in the blood
    - Malnutrition
    - Metabolic syndrome
    - Obesity
    - Rapid weight loss
    - Toxins and chemicals, such as pesticides
    - Type 2 diabetes
    - Wilson's disease

    You mention that you have cut fat from your diet, however, have you cut sugar from your diet? Medical science is starting to learn more about sugar, and the more they learn, the more they are starting to realize just how destructive it is to the body. I'm not talking about sugar that is naturally found in foods, but the added sugars. You really need to read labels because sugars (anything ending in "ose") are found in so many foods that you would not expect to find added sugars. Even table salt has sugar as an added ingredient.

    Too much sugar can contribute to high cholesterol, in addition to high triglycerides. They also think it is a factor in high blood pressure and inflammation diseases (ie arthritis).

    If I understand correctly, there is no treatment for NALD at this time. It is about correcting the underlying problem (ie high cholesterol, obesity, medications, etc.).

    Is it possible that your CFS is actually NALD? Fatigue is one of the symptoms listed.
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    Tigerlilea is absolutely right about the role of sugar in high cholesterol and high triglycerides. I thought my diet was pretty good (never ate junk, no cookies, sodas etc.) but my triglycerides were quite high, and then realized I was eating a lot of raisins, very high in sugar. I cut out the raisins and voila! my triglycerides lowered dramatically.

    You should also cut out white flour, white sugar, white rice, all high-glycemic foods.

    Other recommendations are to exercise if possible and lose weight if needed.

    Here's an article with more information:

    Best wishes,

  4. Bunchy

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    Are yyou on any meds that could raise liver enzymes?

    I had a high ALT for years when I was on high doses of benzos.

    I used Milk thistle and NAC and it brought the level down - oh and I reduced carbs and bad fats in my diet.

    I have reduced my benzos to a third of the amount I used to take and I think that helped too.

    I do feel pain around the liver area if I take too much OTC NSAIDS these days and try to only use them if I am desperate.

    Hope you get this sorted out.

    Hugs Bunchy
  5. kat0465

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    If you haven't already,start milk can do wonders for liver ailments! As for why, my dr said sometimes our livers don't metabolize things well enough to keep up with all the stuff we put in our bodies.

    Although they don't know why cfids does that, I think it's probably from all the viruses were carrying around :( she started me on some amino acid/ b12 shots and my blood work got better.

    I think that and the milk thistle together helped.
  6. campbeck97

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    Hi yes I have this also, enyz. are all always high and have been off and on for several years. My Dr. suggested one time for me to have a liver biopsy to find out for sure whats causing it but I afraid of that its very painful . She said it can be caused by being overweight, drinking alcohol(I dont drink) and high cholesterol. I am working on the weight and still have a bunch to lose and my cholesterol is about normal now need to drop the trig. down a little more but the rest is pretty good. I am also a diabetic and I guess that doesnt help much. But it is scarey. I dont hurt in that area but it does feel swollen sometimes in that area or it might be all in my head..who knows. I know what you mean about developing new illnesses all the time. Keep us updated on what your visit to the new Dr says. Good luck and God Bless
  7. Saoirse3

    Saoirse3 Member

    When I was first diagnosed with ME, the doctor noted that my spleen was enlarged, but said it was "no big deal" and probably "just the fibro acting up." He was WRONG!

    I moved to Alaska in 2007 and I thought it was the move, the climate change, and really WAS my fibro. I found a doctor and although he was the nastiest doctor I have ever been to, he said I was just "another alcoholic with liver problems". When I told him I did NOT drink, never have and never will, he grudgingly sent me to an internist. He did a liver biopsy and there it was - NASH, Cirrhosis, portal hypertension. AND I was diabetic. I stopped taking opioid painkillers (the doc had had me on 6 oxycodone 10/650 a day) - in fact I went "cold turkey" on them and Cymbalta (he had had me on a whopping dose of Cymbalta and you will never convince me that it didn't contribute to my liver disease). The inernist sent me to a gastro in Anchorage. Now here's what your doctor MAY do (or may not, depending on your situation.) Mine did an upper endoscopy and a colonoscopy (to be honest, they don't hurt at ALL because the anesthesia blinks out your memory, like something out of Men in Black!). We did ultrasounds of my liver and abdomen and something called a HIDA scan, where they inject a small amount of radioactive goop into you so you light up for the camera! It may or may not make you sick (it did me, and weak as a kitten). And they will draw blood more than all the Twilight books ever thought of (or so it seems!) Here's what YOU can do:

    Find a health food store (you can buy it online too) and get an ayurvedic product called Liv 52. I don't usually endorse anything, but I swear by this stuff. Because it works. I stopped taking it for about a month because I ran out, and suffered a gall bladder attack. The doctor wanted to do surgery, and I started to think what I had done differently in my routine. Then I remembered the Liv52. I got some right away and have not had another attack since. The Western docs will pooh-pooh it, and say THEIR drugs are the answer. But to WHAT? Every drug that comes out says "Do not take if you have liver disease, because of serious side effects"! But it's those drugs that GAVE you liver disease in the first place!

    Watch your platelet counts! Mine went to rock bottom. On a good day, they are about 42. Normal range is 150-500. Your spleen LOVES platelets like a kid loves McDonald's fries. BEFORE you have any dental work, outpatient procedures or ANYTHING that has even the remotest chance of internal bleeding, CHECK YOUR BLOOD COUNTS! Keep your crosstype on file with your hospital.

    JUICE!! Get a juicer and load up on veggies and fresh fruit. I can't stand steamed veggies, but I WILL drink them! "Sweetened" with an apple, melon, berries or citrus and they are tasty! Add an herbal "super-food" powder and you have a wonderful breakfast that fills you up and gives you some good energy. I use Truvia in place of sugar and the Crystal Light Pure Energy has stevia in it. Don't even think of using sucrose or aspertame (Nutrasweet and all other "diet" drinks. In fact, sodas aren't good no matter what!)

    DON'T let them talk you into surgery! My gastro would LOVE to get his knife on my gall bladder and spleen. I like them right where they are, thank you. With NASH you become VERY high-risk for surgery. And whacking away at your internal organs does NOT solve the problem, it just creates new ones. I mean, if your car doesn't run do you yank the fuel pump out and say "Well, I don't need this!" See how long THAT lasts before the whole car goes belly up! Well, I think much like cars, WE run the same way. FIX it, don't just get rid of it and hope the other organs can catch up! They won't.

    READ! EVERYTHING! There are several excellent websites, and while NASH is relatively new, there is enough contributing material to go on and become an informed patient. Mayo has some great articles and your local library SHOULD have a website where you can get just about any book on any subject in a downloadable PDF format. I got a Kindle just so I could carry my little library around with me. Some doctors will feel threatened (I don't know why) because you actually KNOW what they are talking about. Others find it much easier than explaining everything. I like it because it allows me to ask questions and make an informed decision. Above all, TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR OWN HEALTH! You're paying THEM, not the other way around!

    Hugs and more hugs,
  8. gracebeliever

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    Thank you for the input and the information...I will start watching my sugar intake as well. As far as the CFS being NALD, I was diagnosed with CFS over 4 years ago, and back then my hepatic panel and alt/ast were fine..not elevated in the least.
  9. gracebeliever

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    Thank you for your support and the information. I went out and bought milk thistle right away..the only thing I am confused about is the mg. I should take. I bought 125 and there was also one that was 175, and 200. Not sure which one I should take.
  10. gracebeliever

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    Thank you for the nice reply and God's Blessings...can use all those I can get! : )

    I am on Lyrica, and ever since I started taking it I gained over 30 lbs. It does take the edge off my pain, and before this liver diagnosis I was going to deal with the weight gain as I could not deal with the pain. Now I don't know what to do...I do blame the Lyrica on the weight gain and don't want to gain any more. It is so difficult to loose weight..isn't it?

    I'm sure that your pain is not just in your head...and if anyone says that to you just ignore them!!

    ((((hugs)))) and God Bless
  11. gracebeliever

    gracebeliever New Member

    Wow...thank you certainly have given me a lot of very useful information. Thank you much and I appreciate the support and hugs! : )

    I now have a lot of research to do, and I also like to be proactive when it comes to my health. My doctor has been, for the most part, supportive when I tell him I am going to try herbal or holistic meds.

    Thanks again!


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