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    Anyone know about numbers on liver function tests? I saw mine on Monday--40 is normal--mine was 78. I am to be tested again at the end of March.

    I forgot to ask what my number meant. Anyone have any idea? Thanks in advance. I cannot seem to get this off my mind.
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    There are a couple of liver function tests that give a high number if the liver is not working properly. This could be caused by any number of things (including some medications), so you will want to discuss that with your doctor.

    There's a good website I know of that explains lab test pretty well. If you go to, then follow the link to "Understanding your tests", then click on "Index of Tests" you can find info on the specific tests you had run. When you click on the specific test, it will tell you a little about it; click on the blue tab for a better and more complete explanation of what the test is for, what it measures, and what the results mean.

    Two tests I know of for liver function are ALT and AST. I don't know if those are the ones you had.

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