liver problems.. what to do?

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    ever since i've been diagnosed with cfs i've been battling some sort of sluggish/weak liver, and i think it's my main reason that i am always so constantly fatigued. this past year my doctor's been putting me on a lot of holistic meds for my liver, and although they do help temporarily, i don't think they're fixing the problem bc i always feel horrible without them. what can i do to help my liver?? i think i would feel sooo much better if i could just get my liver fixed
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    You probably have liver congestion. I battled it for a long time on my own before getting an expert who bases all my supplements on scientific testing, so here's what I would do now if I could go back in time:

    By far the most important: Take betaine hcl with meals containing fat or protein like meat, fish, eggs, chicken, and raw nuts and seeds. Start with one betaine hcl pill per meal and add one every other day to your meal until you feel discomfort or burning, then back off. If the burning is too bad during your experiment to find your proper dose, either eat more or take an antacid for that episode. I am up to 3 or 4 betaine hcl pills per meal now depending on how much I eat. And these are 700mg pills. You have to have enough stomach acid to break down the fats and proteins or they will hit your liver like a mack truck and ruin your day. This was my main cause of liver congestion, next to trying to eat wheat and dairy. If you have CFS, it's a good bet you don't have enough stomach acid. Then you also take zinc with it to help your body make its own acid, eventually.

    You will need less betaine if you just have a snack of raw nuts and seeds, when I do that I just use one betaine pill.

    Also, digestive enzymes with every meal.

    For temporary relief, chinese bitters works very well. It's a mixture of gentian root and bupleurum root. It tastes like hell, but works good and fast. I take them in tincture form, not so much anymore because I don't need them, but one dropperful of each in a small amount of water. Then have some clean water to chase it with because they are very, very bitter and you will make a funny face!

    Stop eating wheat and dairy in any form. The gluten in wheat is too hard for the digestive system to break down and that's 1000x worse for an unhealthy person. And the pasteurization and homogenization process alter the milk proteins and make them indigestible. Then what happens is they damage the gut lining and can even pass through into the bloodstream. If this happens, the immune system doesn't recognize the milk protein particles as food anymore, but as invaders and it causes the immune system to work harder, and the liver, too BTW, just to remove them.

    This is a major cause of allergies like hay fever and sensitivities to things like cats and pollen. It's all from the immune system's reaction to milk proteins that are pasteurized. Raw milk will not cause the reaction, but it's best to avoid all dairy completely until you get over this.

    Liver cleanse and support pills work superbly when I have to take pain meds since they always hit my liver hard. I like Ultimate Liver Cleanse and Liver Force and Liv52.

    Obviously, discontinue all junk food and stick to real foods: meats, veggies, fruits, raw nuts and seeds. Try not to eat anything that comes in a box, even if it's gluten free. The more veggies, the better.

    good luck


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    i have to admit, that post was from yesterday, after i saw your comment i took two betaine HCL caps with one of my meals, and i already felt my energy back, its amazing. hopefully i can keep this up and this will make me feel better rather than worse. thanks so much for your help!
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    My sis developed serious liver problem's. I told her to get on milk thistle. Take it 5 days off 2. Also dandilion tea. It tastes like weak coffee and is good for your liver and kidney's. Also Sam e is very good for your liver. You don't have to let your liver go bad. These things will help it to recoop. My sis's liver function is back to normal.

    Take care,
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    barrowinnovations and the other poster were right. My liver was congested for several years and I was very tired and just felt sick a lot. Digestive enzymes with hydrochloric acid made a huge improvement for me.

    And milk thistle and dandelion tea are both excellent for your liver as well. I used those too, and still take the milk thistle. It helps repair damage.

    Also try adding lemon juice to your water. It's very good for you, helps make your body alkaline paradoxically enough, and is very good for the liver and kidneys, helps cleanse them and helps with digestion.

    Finally, I had to do a major liver detox about 5 years ago. It was rather rough, it took a month, but my liver was much better afterwards. But I still take the enzymes and HCL.

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    thanks for your suggestions, if there's anything else also please let me know, i'm determined to fix my liver!