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  1. daisyraisy

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    does anyone suffer with liver problems that is liver inflammation just feeling sick all the time.

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    Hi, I found your post a couple of pages back and thought I would bump you so maybe someone can help you.

    I have not had Liver inflammation, that I know of, but have had bad liver tests for the past year. I went through some medication changes and finally after a year, the liver test came out fine.

    Hopefully someone on the board can give you some advice or share their similar experience.
  3. mbofov

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    I used to have liver problems and felt sick and fluish much of the time. One glass of wine would leave me feeling sick the entire next day. It was a combination of toxin overload in my liver and my gallbladder not working too well, being inflamed.

    What helped me was doing a liver detox for chemical solvents stored in my liver due to a job I had in my late teens, and also taking digestive enzymes with hydrochloric acid which helped my gallbladder and my whole digestive system work better.

    I would suggest you work with a naturopath or other health care practitioner to try to find the source of your liver inflammation. It could be from meds. Many meds can cause liver problems and you need to do your own research and not depend on your doctor for this information.

    Your gallbladder might be stressed and need support and this will affect your liver too. AF Betafood by Standard Process helped my gallbladder recover, but I did have to start taking digestive enzymes with hydrochloric acid and that made a huge difference for both my gallbladder and my liver.

    I was helped the most by a chiropractor who is very skilled in muscle testing. He helped me with the liver detox and healing my gallbladder with the AF Betafood and also got me started wtih teh digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid.

    Dandelion tea and milk thistle are very good for the liver, but if I were you I would get some professional help because a liver detox can be rather rough.

    On a good note, my digestion is so much improved, I can drink a few glasses of wine and not get sick at all, I don't get that awful sick feeling I used to.

    I hope this helps --

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    I went to a medical Clinic in Toronto in Feb and I JUST finally got my results and apparently I have elevated live enzyme so I have to go for testing to see if it's hepatitis or other causes for the elevattion. And I am feeling sick ALL the time so I can completley understand how you feel.