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    I'm so glad to have found a group where it's allowed to talk about treatments that work rather than just people wallowing in their misery. I've been on guai for six years and I'd say I'm 80% better. (I was probably 50% better after two years.) A year ago my husband and I moved to Jerusalem (not an easy move, let me tell you). We live in the center of the city, with no car. Mass transit is great, but I walk at least five miles a day on very hilly streets, and I'm able to concentrate on my Hebrew lessons. I belong to a guai support group with over 1500 PWF who are on the guai protocol, but I don't know if I'm allowed to give the website. I was kicked off another message board for doing just that. I get my guai from my former doctor in Tucson (I brought two years' worth with me when I moved). He compounds his own. A bottle of 200 tablets of 200-mg guai costs about $25, and I take two tablets a day. But again, I don't know if I can post his link. Anyway, I'm glad the word is getting out about guai - it's been a lifesaver for me.

    Shira in Jerusalem
    On 400 mg Guailife since 5-02
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    How lovely to hear from you!

    Lots of us here are on Dr St Amand's Guai protocol, & one of his recommended brands of Guaifenesin is sold in the shop here (do be careful which Guai you take folks, as I found to my cost the cheap ones don't work!). His website is:

    where there are links to support groups in different countries.
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    Thanks for responding. Actually I was on 1800 mg of Amibid for three years with only minimal improvement. In April 2002 I was going through a very bad depression and Dr. St. Amand was booked through August, so I was fortunate to find Dr. Penniston in Tucson (I was in Phoenix at the time). His guai is fast-acting, so I started on 600 mg a day and then had to go down to 400 mg, where I've been since. I've told at least a dozen others with FM about guai, but only two have given it a good try, and they've both improved. One was an 82-year-old woman that I used to volunteer with for ten years who had seen my improvement, so when her doctor told her she had so many other things that she might as well just live with the FM, she said, no, thank you, and started guai on her own, and improved quickly. I'm very thankful to Dr. St. Amand for having discovered the protocol, but also to Dr. Penniston for living so close to me. His website is, and there are links to the support group I'm on and other information.

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