Living in a Desert helps? (for Hopalong or anyone)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by marw, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. marw

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    Does living in a desert help? I can live anywhere I want, or any country, for that matter. So Hopalong, do you mind saying which desert in South America that you moved to? I didn't even know they had deserts....always think of rain forests.

    Also, why is this better than the deserts in the U.S.? or is it?

    As you can see, I'm really desperate. Was thinking strongly of moving to Florida, but maybe this doesn't work?


    Any other desert dwellers out there that would like to comment?

    Thanks you!!!!------Marw
  2. Babs41

    Babs41 New Member

    I live in the desert and love it! Arizona to be exact. I do feel better and get lots of sunshine!

  3. hopabout

    hopabout New Member

    Hi, I must have been led in here, I never see messages.

    On the advice of a doctor in Florida I moved to Peru. The Sechura Desert is at
    the top of the country. I lived in the city of Piura. It was not only the desert and dryness that took me out of a wheelchair. It was also the upper atmosphere currents.

    We live in a world of atomic energy.... everything is ions .... moving here and there... problem is that we are not having them move correctly in and out of our cells. Thus some people use magnet therapy.... I think that needs to be a real professional skill, not just someone putting a sign up. My doctors attitude was to move South of the Equator where magnetic poles would change.

    I did, and walked out of my wheel chair in 6 weeks.

    Since then, inspite of the poles, I have studied a lot and learned a lot. its our skin that is not happy, and believe it or not, our ears.... they have more sensitivity in them than other skin parts. If a cold front comes (Now I am in Costa Rica) I have to suffer it.... but then cold here is not at all what is it up in the states or Europe. Its usually gone in 1 or 2 days completely. In the US especially in the winter, there are sometimes2 a week, the body can't get past the trauma of them.

    That jet stream sweeps... it does not matter if you are in Florida... that is where i lived, it can be freezingin Orlando! Its about the ion activity in the air and the electric currents we can't tolerate. It snowed in Jacksonville Florida once in 1990 or 91. All I could move was my eyes for 16 days. The nurse that admitted me to the hospital said she had never seen anyone that weak! Florida won't cut it. its better, but humid and not always hot. Tallahassee was 14 this past week. Those are north, but you are still high above the equator.

    Although I walked out of my chair and was symptom free for most of the year, the Peruvian desert is a real real hard place to get use to. After a few years, I could not take the hunger and poverty of the doctors I taught English to... I felt horrible and so emotional because I could not change their world. I moved here.

    I am fine in Costa Rica even in the rainy season. Its a thefty country with caution, but many North Americans, Germans, Italians, etc. live here for the climate. Its always 80-85 on my patio every day of the year.

    Read about it. There is an area called Guanacaste. Not my favorite, but its like desert. They have a much less rainy season than we do in the central valley. Of course, all of the beaches are very warm but a little humid. If I have a flair with Fibro here, I can go to the beach for a couple of days and get immediate relief. We are 9 degrees from the equator.

    I believe that the warmer, dryer and less electrical weather current you can have will help with all of these illnesses. Most of them are a package, just come into chat.... they over ride each other from family to family.... there is an underlying factor. At this point in my study I believe it is in the skin. keeping it warm with artificial heat does not work but short term.

    Panama is more humid but another possibility. both Costa Rica and Panama are inexpensive compared to the north. Our summer here is your winter.... Come visit, try it out.... see how you feel.

    In Costa Rica as in Peru there are high mountains. You might be surprised to know that you can freeze to death on the Equator in Quitos Ecuador... because of altitude. I never knew that. A neighbor has Fibro and CFIDS, she lived up on the mountain near me and was so sick, moved down here and got 60% relief.

    I don't care for Columbia, Ecuador or Peru as a place to live permanently and they are not safe ... perhaps Peru is more than the other two. Costa Rica has friendly people, beautiful country to visit and great doctors and hospitals. Consider it for a vacation. Spirit Air flys very inexpensively if you shop its bargains.

    Hope this helped,
  4. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    hey I am vicariously absorbing this post as I always try to figure out the weather thing.
    do you have a thought on this---I seem to feel best in like 68 degree weather heatwise, because when i am out in about in warmer and sunny weather feel sick, but it is usually humid too. the cold hurts me in a differerent way, dont like it but at least i can bundle up for some relief whereas a/c is only relief in hot weather.
    is dry heat really that different?
  5. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Wow, this is an interesting thread. I had never thought about these issues until I found out I have mold poisoning. People recovering from toxic mold exposure talk about the best places to live as being dry and higher in altitude.

    I don't understand it all, but the ions and the cold fronts and the electricity are related to the activity of mold toxins and mold spores in some way. It gets into too much physics and esoteric stuff for me. Mold toxins do have an electric charge to them. I think someone said it's a negative charge.

    Anyway, it sounds like the same kinds of places that make you all feel better are the kinds of places that mold warriors feel better. Interesting.

  6. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    girl please get out the violin, you have to suffer thru cali weather the rest of yer life haha
    trying livingin the midwest where it gets below zero! I just got back from san francisco, thats my perfect weather, went there to get out of dodge briefly and it was great. every day i was there it was sunny and high 60s which to me is a bit of heaven right about now. i laid in yerba buena garden on the grass under those falls and that wonderful tea place samovar! where are you again, more south than that right? it was stressful energetically though being right in city, i was right in union square/soma area and then after flying back felt fluish and laid around more than usual for couple days. and lucky for me since been back having a relative heatwave last couple days, high 50s or something. guess it is relative. my freind out in the city who grew up in rockford now finds san francisco to be cold in the winter but to me its a cakewalk.
    although seattle in the winter, while warmer than here, the damp cold does get in my bones and not feel good.
    my friend from boulder who moved back to wisco can't quit complaining about how much worse winter is here than colo, i didnt know.
  7. TxMissy

    TxMissy New Member

    For me the weather plays a HUGE part on how I feel!!! I live in central/south TX (outside of San Antonio) and it changes daily here! One day it is dry like the deserts and the next it is 100% humidity! Winds from the n or nw, then turn a few hours later from the south bringing the dampness!! I just can't stand it anymore! I have family in the NW (Marysville, WA) and I go and visit with my Auntie as often as I can! There the weather is pretty much always the same! rain/drizzle/cloudy and cool/cold!!! I never have a problem there! and take on the average of 3 pain meds a week, A WEEK!!!! Here that is 1/2 my daily dose normally!!! Can you believe??? And I have stayed there for up to 1 1/2 months at a time and it was the same thru out the whole trip! My mom can always tell over the phone the kind of day I am having I can lie and tell her I am ok, and she will say no your not! Anyway, when I am up there she can always tell how much better I am feeling! It comes thru my voice loud and clear!!!

    They say that the damp weather hurts you when you have arthritis, right? My RA has really kicked in these past 6 months, and I am wondering if I would still do as good up there now! Have to wait and see and hopefully get to get up there sometimes soon!

    A funny now.... my last trip up there in WA they were having a somewhat of a "heat wave"... in the 70's!!! (remember I am from s.TX) so we had planned on a picinic and swimming at the was 72 degress outside!!! AND they were swimming in a mountain fed river!!!! I put my toe in there and yanked it out!!! You must be kidding!!! (where's my fleece blankie???) :) Needless to say I sure didn't go swimming and I don't think I even came out of my jeans into shorts!!! It was funny!!!

    Praying for painfree and energy full days for all!!!!


  8. hopabout

    hopabout New Member

    I believe there is a lot to the MOLD comment. One Chatter is on the mold free diet but not doing well with the restrictions. Dr. Shoemaker who is listed on Pro Health has a book out called Mold Warriors. Its a bit pricey for me but I do believe it contains some good stuff!
    You can't put these foreign invaders in our bodies .... with no immune system to fight them, especially ones that affect the lungs.

    However, in addition, you have to remember (not a doc, just studied this junk for 18 years and know more than I should) that one of our most important factors in CFIDS, Fibro, Lupus, etc. is the elastin gene. That elastin just like elastic in our infastructure must stay hot.... that is actually why we should exercise, not only to move it about but heat up the body. With all the thyroid mess involved in these diseases, all from Chromosome 14, its not hard to have "cold" intolerance. Thus, heat as much as possible, stretch as much as possible and avoid all the toxins as much as possible.

    Along with the elastin gene that creates havoc in our bodies on Chromosome 14 is the ability to have emphasema, copd, asthma and other related lung issues because of the alpha 1 antitrypsin relationship. If you study the Santa Ana winds you will find that it brings Asthma to many. Here is an interesting comment from John Hopkins: - An as yet unidentified factor associated with these winds may be a stimulant for some asthmatics.

    I am about to unravel the whole pathway but its hard stuff and basically all chemistry and physics... just great with "fog".

  9. bobbycat

    bobbycat New Member

    The most favorite places for FMS patients that people thought was Prescott, Arizona and San Diago However, most people thought San Diago would be too expensive and to crowed. A freind of mine son has juvenile arthritis he had two knee replacement and lived in Washington state. He moved to San Diago and it gave him a new life. I don't know if you can track down that pull. Try typing in best places to live.
  10. alangan1

    alangan1 New Member

    we had very cold weather this year, i have the whole package of maladies too. anyway, my teeth starting hurting really bad, my lower jaw aches, searing sensitivity. went away once the cold abated, so cold to the bones is no joke.
  11. nixon

    nixon New Member

    I developed Fibro since living here. I've been here since 1998. I don't see any added benefit, I've also developed severe allergies since moving here. I've lived in Ohio, Florida, Arizona, & Northern Nevada. So.........I really don't have any answers, wish I knew where I might feel better also!! I know that when I vacation in a more humid climate, it helps a little, but when I return home the misery kicks back in. I personally feel just getting away for a bit can be nice. I would not move back to a highly humid place though. Good luck in your search. Andrea
  12. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    hey nixon where did the military blow up all those bombs in nevada deserts in 50s or 60s? wonder if any residue from that. not to be negative :)

    hey i loved the movie frost/nixon, free associating.......
  13. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Hopabout, that is very interesting info about the elastin gene.

    I did read "Mold Warriors" about a year ago, and I tell you, it changed my life. There is so much good information about the immune system in there. I highly recommend the book for all of us, even those without mold issues, because it has so much good stuff in it.

    I admire your commitment to unraveling all the chemistry and physics involved in these new discoveries. It is hard with a foggy mind, I agree. OR if you're not a scientist by training.

    TxMissy, I hate to tell you this, but people who are sensitive to mold toxins say that Texas is probably the worst place in the US to live. There has been a lot of flooding there, and lots of houses that have gone unremediated are generating huge plumes of mold spores. And there are pollutants blowing in from the oil refineries along the gulf. There's something about the combination of mold toxins and pollution that is really vicious. Everybody I've talked to says breezes from the SE are the worst. Gulp.

    Andrea, even in the driest and most mold-unfriendly places, anywhere people live there are buildings with plumbing and air-conditioning. Your story makes me worry about whether the place where you live could have a water leak somewhere. Feeling better while on vacation is a really big hint that your home could have a mold problem. Rats!

    What Simone said about toxic residue in the environment from military testing makes me think, too. That sounds plausible that it could have an effect on health.

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  14. roseants

    roseants New Member

    I moved to rural Arizona (near Wickenburg)for two years and it made my pain MUCH worse. A little humidity helps. I'm in central Texas now and doing ok.
  15. nixon

    nixon New Member

    It was at the Nevada test site which is North of Las Vegas, I have wondered about that, but they say alot of that blew over to Utah, I guess John Wayne was over there in Utah filming a movie at the time, I believe he died of a cancer. ( not 100% sure though) I figure I'm probably not going to be living here forever!! Hopefully it's safe, I DO drink Reverse Osmosis water though, nothing from the ground here!! (Just in case) I haven't seen the movie yet, but Richard was my grandfathers 2nd cousin. We've got family letters from him, but I didn't personally know him!!
  16. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    i heard that about john wayne as well and also one of his sons got cancr, the thought was vicariously. i think its in the book : plutonium files---declassified govmt docs from early 90s.
    I drink reverse osmosis too. the movie is very engaging, i didnt know about frost at the time, was a teenager not paying attention.
  17. green-eyed lady

    green-eyed lady New Member

    I don't know about mold-fee residences,but I live in high desert Nevada. Conversly to all of
    you, I get sick when it's hot and I feel great in the winter. The colder, the better. I
    love to snowshoe when about 15 degrees out, but very dry, dry cold.
    I do know that in 1963 or 4 that a great cloud of radioactivity went through here. But that
    is 25 yrs. ago. does it dissipate?
  18. k.king0412

    k.king0412 New Member

    yes, it helps, or is helping me...we moved from Kansas City (rain, snow, humidity) to Lake Havasu City AZ (the most gorgeous city I have ever seen) this spring. I am doing a lot better, whereas in KC I was bedridden more often than not, here I am up more than I am down! we scored a foreclosure house, small but with a pool =) so I am able to swim and exercise there, plus getting my vitamin D the old fashioned way.
    the trick is to get away from the things that trigger worse pain (rain, humidity, winter). we are in the low desert, I believe, and the humidity is VERY low. I believe it got up to 13% the other day which is a huge improvement over the midwest. 'dry heat' is helping me tremendously!
  19. millennia

    millennia New Member

    I moved from NYC to Arizona. In NY I would cry myself to sleep almost every night from the pain. I've done that twice in the year that I've been in AZ.

    I don't know it is the warmth or the lack of humidity, but I'm in less pain than I've been in for years. <-- Does that sentence make sense? LOL Doesn't help with the fibrofog, but the pain is way down.

    I just went to North Carolina to visit my mother for a month. All of the pain came rushing back. I guess it's not the heat. Though not having to suffer through another NY Winter didn't hurt.
  20. millennia

    millennia New Member

    My Father-in-law lives in Havasu. I love to go out on the lake. It is a little hot there for me! I loved Havasu until I saw Prescott (where I live now). It's so green here! How long have you been in AZ?

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