living under huge electrical highlines, are they making me sick??

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    I have been living in the country for many years and have huge electrical highlines running throughour 40 acres close to our home . I can even hear them crackling at times.Do you think these could a cause of this diease?? I started getting sick about 2 years after moving here. The reason I ask is when I leave for a few days to some other area say like on a week vacation I always feel much better.Doesnt even have to be on vacation just away from home sometimes for part of a day. Anyone experience any thing like this or live under powerful electric lines?I'm just curious.Would hate to move as our home and all is paid for and we have been here about 20 years. Thanks and God Bless each of you.
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    Not sure about causing this dd but I remember there's something(sorry brainfog) bad about living near them. I didnt buy a house because it was by lines.

    Hope you find some answers

    God bless

    think its something to do with electromagnetic fields
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    Most people with CFS/ME/FM DO NOT live under or very close to high voltage power lines yet they are ill.

    Epidemiologists, and others, have looked for many years for CORRELATIONS between living under or near high voltage power lines and illness/disease. None found yet that I am aware of.

    I was tasked with measuring EMFs in the mid-80s when a scare erupted. Even took the instruments home and mapped the fields there.
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    Do an internet search for geopathic stress. Some people are extremely sensitive to EMFs and you could be one of them. I am, too. Of course, there is controversy, but there's controversy about almost everything, so don't let that stop you from doing more research.

    I had a woman come to our home to evaluate where the electromagnetic fields were strongest in our home. One "lay line" (I think that's the right term) went straight through our bed, where the pillows are. She suggested a simple "fix" of putting wire hangers on opposite sides of the bed, to "deflect" the field. I'm really not explaining this well. I just want to say there are simple fixes out there if it seems to be a problem for you. There are also things that cost a lot of money that are probably scams. But, not everything is, so good luck.
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    I have worked for an electric utility for 23 years and am familiar with what you are thinking. For you to have any type of health issues from the emissions of the power lines is pretty much nil. There are very strict environmental and govenmental regultations to ensure that electric power lines do not harm the public.

    You would have to literally be right on top of the lines for many hours a day for them to be a problem. Since the normal public is not (I certainly hope you do not) spending many hours a day directly around the power lines, trust me you are safe.

    I have RA and FM and you bet I have tried to contemplate what has caused my illnesses many times in the past. I even worked at a nuclear plant for 13 years and was exposed to much higher levels of radiation than the normal public, but I know that is not what has caused my issnesses.

    So please, do not worry about the power lines. They are safe. Just don't go climb the towers and stay there for an extended period of time. I hope this helps to ease your mind.


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    I think there are 2 questions here. Did the lines cause your disease and do they contribute to your symptoms?

    There's no doubt in my mind that some people are more sensitive to EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) than others. I read of one very simple test that an EI doc did when considering the question. He had several patients who said they were very sensitive to EMF, and others who had never noticed any problems. For the test, the patient sat on one side of a one-way mirror, while some form of EMF was generated on the other side. I don't remember what the source was - it may have been something as simple as operating a cell phone. The subjects were asked to indicate when they felt the EMF. The people who had previously complained of negative effects could always feel when the EMF was generated. Most other people couldn't tell one way or the other.

    There are things that can be done to lessen the effects in your home. Some people with great EMF sensitivity do find relief only by moving. If you'll look on environmental illness forums, you'll find more info on this whole issue.

    I know of at least one acupuncturist who believes that EMF sensitivity results only when one is already dealing with other health problems - that a perfectly healthy person wouldn't develop it.

    Another thing to google is the whole issue of "dirty power".
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    electromagnetic FIELD.
    electromagnetic FORCE.

    Frequency MAY play a part.
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    "...electrical highlines, are they making me sick??"

    Our ME/CFS brain's chronically upregulated sympathetic/hypervigilance/stress response system(whether recognized by the person experiencing this or not) can cause all sorts of odd responses to a variety of routine stimuli(ie, electric microwaves) and the other down stream symptoms observed in this condition.

    I consider whatever is causing this as the key issue in ME/CFS. But still absent a known cause or cure for us, trying medications that act upon the brain, one by one if need be to find something that helps, is indicated and has proven effective in calming down such abnormal responses.

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