Living with fibro and CMP since I guess thatI have both

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    I don't seem to be on the same page as my doctor is about what I have and what I don't have.
    1-Degenerate Disc Disease
    2- buldging discs L4-L5** L5- S1
    3- facet syndrome
    4 osteo arthritis-
    5- arthritis in my knees
    6-spinal stenosis
    7- arthritis in left wrist from shattering it
    8-Chronic Meyofacial Pain syndrome
    9- fibromyaliigia
    11-some radiclopathy in back

    There is more but I can't remember all of it.
    I am so tired all the time and yes it would help it I would sleeping now instead of being here and typing.My musscels ache all the time, I forget things, sound bothers me. AS do bright lights they seem to buzz. I have pain in my back , knees wrist, thighs, hips,And any where you touch me. I have had the touch every sore spot test and I do have fibro. And as for the chronic meyofacial pain syndrome I have that and it adds to the muscle cramps and leg aches.

    I once could walk through the mall with my girls and now it I did that I would be in bed for several days from extreme pain and fatique. It would make my back , kneess and legs so stiff that I would look like the tin man from the wizard of oz. I really need more oil so that I can move better. But it does not work that way.
    I have chronic pain as well as everything else. I get headaches that will sometimes last for days and then go away as fast as they came. I have legs, and hips that ache and my low back hurts all of the time now.

    I have been told so often that if I would only eat right and exercise and lose weight all my PAIN would go away. But I know that is not true, yes some of it would ease but not all of it would go away.

    I am taking naroctic pain meds and as much as they help me I really reather not take them.Because of the hassle I get from friends ,family and doctors. All I really want is for the pain I have to ease to that I can do the things a nromal house wife does
    I don't want much just teh ability to do the laundry and not pay for it later on as I have over done it from climbing up and down the stairs, I don't vaccum the carpets like I should because it cause's my legs to go numb like I will wake up in the night and my lower legs have NO FEELING in them at all.

    I feel as if I have been paralized. But when I go and touch them they burn to the touch and sting, zap me with shocks, and when I rub them they ache. But this feeling will go away in about 30 minutes and I will be able to walk again althogh it makes my legs ache worse after this event.

    I can't tell you everything that is wrong with me because I really don't knowall of it. I do know that I am differnet than I was as a teenager.

    Things started for me as a child with bad leg aches asprin and vitiam C were what my dotor had my mom give me and it really didn't do much but oh well that was years ago. I developed a dry hacking cough taht is non productive and it hurts my chest to cough. I get chostochrinditis and plereisy often along with phemumonia and bronchitis, But I always have the dry hacking cough and it comes and goes.

    I noticed the through my life I had the worse periods and they lied to me when my doctors said that I would have less cramps after I had a baby < THEY GOT WORSE. NOt better. I have 3 daughters and while I wanted 1 more It was a hyesterectomy for me. They took out every thing I owned that was female. I was 34 at the time. And they took my appendix too.

    I have cysts the size of a large hens egg on my left oveary, my right one was filled with fluid cysts and someinfection. I had vercoise viens over my ovaries , they got wrose with each period. The lining of my uterus was not right,

    AS the blood viens come up to make that lining for a baby and if you don't get pregnant you have a period and the veins that made that lining will seal off and sink back into the unerine muscle. Mine wnet in to teh uteruine muscle and kept bleeding. causeing me intence pain.

    So It was a good thing to get that out but it was not what I had wanted. I noticed then that I had more head ache and back aches and my legs ached alot. Why did it happen then I don't know. It just did. My dbody is not the same as it was those 16 years ago and now I live each day in pain from arthritis to back problems and fibro and CMP. There is where the confusion comes in . How do you tell what the differce is between the two? What makes the fibro so differnet from the CMP? I am confused about his one. and no one really has a good answer for me.

    What did I do to get all this stuff? WAS it the birth control? or the accidents thatI had,as I can tripp over my own shadow and breaak some part of me. I bump into everything everyday, I tripp over my own feet, I am so fatiqued that I can't th ink staright. I don't like this life it hurts me.

    I want to not be liiving in pain all the time. Wether this if fibro of CMP it does not really matter as they both have simalr issues PAIN being one of them. As well as the cnonic fatiiique, the lack of sleep, the stiffness, the feeling like i am waling on broken glass when I get out of bed in the mornings, my back hurts all the time and I get the feeling that I am being stabed by someting that shocks me, deeply into my muscles and they will twist and turn till I have knots all over me and they don't ease up with massage. That hurts alot to have done.

    Do you ever just want to know why me and why is it that no one belives me that I am hurting like this. I didn't ask for this kind of life and it was not what I had planned for my life.

    I was a dental assistant and a darn good one. But I could not keep working when I could not stand up striaght and when my knees would not bend or work right. I would try to walk the patient out but it felt like I was walking on broken glass shards that were stabbing deep in to my feet.

    Then my hands would not work quite right that did not follow the instructions taht my brain was sending them and I could not feel them at times and when I would reach for a instrument there were times that I could not hold on to it.
    then the last straw I tripped and shattered my left wrist so badly that it no has a titaium plate and 6 screws to hold it together and at times it feels like something is still stabbing me and it burns so badly from the nerve damage.

    I can no longer work because of this injury and then add it to the rest of the pain issure's that i have . There is not a job out there taht I could do and do well.

    So I liev each day with pain in my life and wondering why me and why did this happen to me? I try not to let it get to me but there are times when I want to do things like play with my grandson and I can't even pick him up that my heart just breaks.

    How will I ever run with him and play ball with him when I can't even walk across the width of my house out side.?

    I know that no one ever said that this life would be easy jist worth it. I have a diffent life now and I have to take one day at a time so that I can do some things that I would like to do.

    So I really guess that it does notmatter what I hev if it if fibro or chronic meyofacial pain syndrome both make you hurt and cause some of the same symptoms so why worry which one I have. I just have one or the other adn I still feel tired and sleepy and achy all over and there is a mack truck parked on the small of my back and I would like him to move it off NOW>

    Sorry for the winning abot this life . IT is not all that bad I do have days where there is alot of joy adn happiness in them and I look forward to those days. LIfe may not be what I thought it was going to be but at least I have on where I can do some things that I still enjoy.

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    in mid april and has made a huge change in my pain levle...i hope it continues...i have arthiritis/tendonitis, and bursitis...and many other fun you...and some extra bulging discs in the neck as well as the lower back...

    try those if you can///

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    As I was reading your post I thinking my how this sounds so much like myself. Justing wishing more painfree days or at least tolerable ones.
    Kass (fairyborn)

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