Living With The Devil ( from my blogs)

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    Living with the Devil
    Wednesday, December 14, 2005 02 23 PM

    I don't remember the last time I was pain free anymore. Sometimes one day blends into the next, but everyday is the same as the one before. All of them living with a sense of being violated and raped by a disease that I have no control of. Often wondering where it will strike next, and what it will do to me.

    I was sound asleep this morning. A deep sleep, when all of a sudden I awoke to the sound of myself screaming. It felt as though someone had taken a large knife, and plunged it deep into my leg. I was gasping to breath from the pain, and foolishly wondered if I looked if there would be blood. Soon I gathered my thoughts and wits about me, and remembered it was just another day of living with the devil.

    From time to time it rears its ugly head. Trying to wear me down both physically, and mentally. Draining me as it moves thru the tissues, muscles, and joints of my body. It's grip is tight as it takes hold, and it vows never to release me from it. Nor will it ever let me forget that we are now constant companions. However I am much stronger then it is. I will not surrender in my fight, if not to rid myself of it, I have and will continue to overcome the obstacles it puts in my way, It has not, nor will it get the best of me!!!
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    We are truly strong people and special. You are a shining example of that!

    I have woke up yelling, thinking a dog was gnawing on my ankle or I was being stabbed by robbers......etc...

    I try to keep upbeat so I find this amusing....the mind sure is a wonder.

    MANY......Many Blessings and HUGS.....
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    I like the way you write.

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    Lovely .... beautifully written ....