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  1. scotlandrose

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    I had one of those pressure headaches from hell a few weeks ago. Glad I only get them a few times a year. Oxycontin would not touch it.

    Went to the ER ready for battle. Had all the info I could carry to prove I had a headache, a real disease, and was not a pain med junkie.

    Doc was very nice and said he could get rid of my problem. He gave me a Fenegrin (sp?) supository (sp?). I told him I was not sick to my stomach and he said this would get rid of any headache. A trick he had learned working years in the ER.

    Went home thinking I had wasted my time and money. Used the medication. Headache was GONE in an hour. Nothing else has ever worked.

    My local alternative doc tried it on a few of his migrain sufferers...worked great.

    Something to check out! Hope it helps!

  2. pam_d

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    I have two things I take for my migraines: Maxalt (which is a triptan drug for migraines, like Imitrex) and Phenergan.

    The thing about Maxalt is, you don't want to overuse insurance only gives me a certain number of pills each month, plus, health-wise, you don't want to take more than the recommended amount per week.

    So often if I've taken Maxalt but later my headache starts coming back, I just take Phenergan, and frequently, that's enough to help my headache enormously (if not take it away totally).

    I agree, it's a great prescription drug.

  3. Jane_Canuck

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    now why are you calling this the Lizzie cure? I missed this somehow while reading your post lol!

  4. Cromwell

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    Love that name-for Jeanne it refers to a several axe headache as Lizzie Borden was supposed to have axed her paernts 40 times!!! I refer to my headaches in terms of axes, 5 axe, 10 axe etc.

    I am most interested in this phenergen as it is a) a suppository and b) is it a natural substance?

    Can someone clue me in what it actually is?

    Have a tweve axer today, except when I leave this house it goes, minute I come home it is back....

    Love Anne Cromwell
  5. They used to give me a combo of anti-nausia medication, Phenergan, and Demerol. That was before they started coming out with non narcotic migraine meds like Maxalt. Every one they had, I tried. Didn't work. I had atleast one or two migraines per day. I ended up seeing a Neurologist and she was awesome. She put me on Topamax, which is an anti-seizure medication, but told me that at low doses it prevents Migraines. I've had 2 migraines in about the last 7 years, and I stopped taking the Topamax about 6 months in.
    It's something to try, and you can still take the Maxalt, or other medications in that same catagory if you get a migraine.

    Sorry my life story is so long... lol

  6. scotlandrose

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    Phenergan is a suppository for nausea. Do not know what it is made from. It sure works on those Lizzy Borden headaches. I got that term for the headaches in a book somewhere. That is exactly what the things feel like to me!

    Glad I do not have to have them anymore!

    One symptom down.....

  7. mrstyedawg

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    Phenegran is wonderful, but did you know that you can get this in a gel that you rub onto your wrist and works much faster. Not many doctors are even aware of this.

  8. razorqueen

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    where can you get it as a gel? Is it by perscription only? Is it available in Canada as well?
  9. jinlee

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    I was almost afraid to click on this one, thought it might involve an axe. (LOL).

    I liked your idea of bringing all backup material to ER to make sure docs didn't accuse you of drug seeking.

    Glad this helped your headache.
  10. butterfly83

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    I didn't know to try that for headaches! I actually already have a prescription for 'Phenergan' (i checked the bottle and that's how it is spelled) in 25 mg tablets. My dr prescribed it for me since i have frequent nausea problems.

    Just for everyone to know, my dr said you can get this med in tablet, suppository or injection. The last two are usually given that way just because its for nausea and nausea patients sometimes can't take a tablet form. But the tablets are just as effective.
  11. jake123

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    Yes! This is in my bag of tricks for migraines. I usually get the nausea before the migraine. The Phenergan boosts the Relpax I take. If I feel like a headache is coming on, I take a Relpax immediately.
  12. matthewson

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    Glad it worked for you! I had the strangest reaction to Phenegren! All the muscles in my body started spasming! I thought I was having a seizure! The nurse came back and gave me benedryl and said it was an allergic reaction, but I have come to find out that it blocks dopamine receptor sites and that is what caused the muscle spasms. For me it was like having Parkinson's disease!

    We are all so different and maybe what cured your headache was the action of the drug blocking dopamine. I was given it for nausea due to a migraine.

    Has anyone else had this type of reaction? Just curious?

    Take care, Sally