LLMD that is a PPO provider?

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by elliespad, Feb 24, 2008.

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    Okay, in the interest of saving myself some money, does anyone have a LLMD who is a PPO provider with BS/BS? Oh, they would have to be on the east coast somewhere from Maine to Maryland.

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  2. wld285

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    I have PPO BC/BS and DR. Enlander accepts it.
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    I know Dr. Enlander's name, but didn't know he was considered LLMD. Thanks.

    And, who is this Dr. J in PA?

  4. wld285

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    He is a cfs and fibro doc, also treats Lyme. I also live in upstate N>Y. and as for accepting my ins., he was as good as I could get.
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    I know I can get reimbursement for out-of-network physicians, but I'm looking for those in the PPO network.

    I just went to Dr. Enlander's website. And yes, he is listed as a PPO provider, Thanks wld285. Did he really INCLUDE all these tests with the initial $650 fee?

    Initial Visit incliuding comprehensive physical history and examination ... $650
    this includes
    Comprehensive History
    Full examination
    EKG to rule out heart conditions
    Impedance Cardiogram to determine Cardiac output (a NEW updated tilt table test)<
    Spirometry to rule out respiratory disease
    Test dose kutapressin to rule out allergic rea

    On the Lyme Disease Associaiton page I can do a search for Pennsylvania, but I need to know a city where he (Dr. J)is located. Can anyone help? Maybe someone could meet me in chat to give me this info?

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  6. wld285

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    Yes he did all of those if not more. I left paying my $15.00 co-pay.
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