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    I am new to the board but wondering if there is a reference list of LLMD's throughout the United States with their credentials?

    It would be a wonderful reference for everyone.

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    Sorry, but due to the political controversy over how to treat Chronic Lyme, or if it should be considered 'post-lyme autoimmune disease', most doctors do not want their names broadcasted due to fears of being driven out of business/medicine.

    It is controversial because if abx are accepted for long term treatment, it will be expensive for the insurance companies... which is why certain states have passed laws mandating companies have to cover. My son's doctor has had to declare both personal and business bankruptcy as a result of harassment, and he's not the only one, despite his earlier awards for treating HIV/AIDS.

    one place to start is:

    Also check the sticky at the top about protocols and other sites....

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    I noticed you said you were in New England on your other post. You also might want to check PublicHealthAlert.org - it's a free online newsletter... Being in New England should make it much easier to find a LLMD by the way. It's harder in most other parts of the country. Also check out http://flash.lymenet.org

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    You probably saw that I talked about how to find a LLMD in my response to your post on my thread about my first LLMD visit.

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