Lobbying congress from home easy way

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    CFIDS Association of America has set up a virtual lobby day of May 9. At the website everything is already written out and pretty much ready to go. You can add a couple lines if you wish or not. Then just click and send it off.

    Not sure about doing website addresses here so I will tell you that if you go to the Co-cure website and click "List Archives" then go to May week 2 you will see the lobbying article.

    If anyone here knows about whether it is okay to put in the website directly, can you do it or inform me so I can try to do it?

    I am so much hoping this year we can really get somewhere with congressional help. We have suffered far too long. Thank you E.
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    bumping so more people will see this.

    BTW, the website is http://capwiz.com/cfids/home/

    God Bless.
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