local blood center requests cfs people to not give blood

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    Wanted to let you know that the local newspaper had an article on the front page that our local blood center is requesting people with cfs to not donate blood at the recommendation of of the dr. who is on the board of the blood bank and an expert in infectious diseases in case the XMRV virus is spread through the blood donated. They are really looking into this and more research on the virus and said they are being proactive about protecting the donated blood supply in light of what happened with HIV years ago. Just thought this info was interesting.
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    Hopefully a grassroots movement will help our cause too! I am somewhat skeptical and
    somewhat hopeful at the same time. Wishy Washy, I think they call it :)

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    Thanks for the article. I think it is prudent to take this approach until we know more about XMRV.

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