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  1. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    I live in Utah and our local news did a health segment on Fibro,with real pts!
    Alocal chiro. treats and beleives in it not being in your head! He thinks hormone imbalance and foods contribute! No diary,breads. Lots of fresh fruit and vegs and supps. Pts. say they have seen decline in pain and sleep,anixety.

    His name is Dr. Brian Moto. He seems very interested in helping.
  2. nixon

    nixon New Member

    We need more exposure, more docs who TRULY believe, and less of these hokey Lyrica/Cymbalta commercials which feature "actors" who probably have NO CLUE what we really deal with on a daily basis!!

    Glad to hear about this, we need more docs like Dr. Moto.

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