Local television news program and Fibromyalgia

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  1. Betsy2

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    Yea! The local NBC affiliate in Columbia, SC is having a segment on fibromyalgia in their early newscast at 5:00 today. I am hoping that it describes correctly and gives a true picture of this DD. If more people are made aware of how it affects us, they will not think it is all in our minds.
  2. LindaD.

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    do you think you can call the tv station and see if NBC has plans to show this throughout the country? I'm around Atlanta, just down from you and I'm wondering if they are doing it here too.
    This needs to be a major deal from one coast to another, including Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and all other countries! It's about time people see this for what a real disease it really is! I've tried to get in touch with some daily talk host about having a program on it but no one is interested. Wonder why?
    Let us know what's going on with that!
  3. LauraLea

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    If you can tape it and let us all know what was said... I'm very interested to know what they say...

  4. allycat20

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    Thanks for letting me know bout this broadcast Betsy. I too am from SC and will be watching to see what they have to say. I sure hope many other watch it cause I am so tired of having to explain this illness.
  5. dumplings

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    please send me more info on th show. I cannot find anything here. not even a supportgroup. Do you know anyone who has info for a group in jacksonville fl
  6. Newswoman

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    Is a WIS health reporter doing the story or is it just a story WIS is running? The reason why I ask is because most people don't understand how stories are aired in local television news markets.

    NBC affiliates (like WIS) get some of their stories from around the country off of a computer server that has stories filed by NBC News, CNBC, MSNBC, and NBC local affiliates from around the country and the world. So, WIS in Columbia can run a story about FMS, but the reporter and the people in the story could actually be from Florida. To confuse things a bit, WIS could decide to take the story and have one of its anchors or reporters re-voice the story...tricking the audience into think that WIS did the report when it didn't (I know that's dishonest, but it's done EVERY DAY!!!). If a WIS reporter did do the story, and if a producer in another city likes it...then it will air in another city outside of Columbia. The NBC News Division doesn't control the stories a local affiliate runs on its air.

    The sweeps (ratings) period is this month. The producer of that newscast is looking to attract as many viewers as possible...why not tease (promote) a story about FM? Most people have never heard of it, and if they have, they don't know a thing about it.

    That's Newswoman's Television News 101.
  7. Betsy2

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    I don't think WIS actually did the taping of the segment. It appeared to be a segment that they received from elsewhere. I wish I had written down the name of the physician who spoke on the segment. They basically talked about the pain receptors in the brain of Fibromites. Plus they said that because of our pain it turns into a cycle with us because we are unable to get the necessary sleep. Unfortunately, the local reporter went from that segment to talking about a segment on sleep studies (that would be aired at 11:00) in one breath and it almost made it seem that the reason we don't sleep is because of some sleeping condition like apnea. I will email WIS and ask them if it was a segment that could be shared with other NBC affiliates. Not sure if I can give the link here but the segment can be viewed at the WISTV website. Their website for the fibro segment is: http://www.wistv.com/global/Story.asp?s=1124745

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  8. Newswoman

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    If you call the newsroom, you'll likely get an Assignment Editor or a producer. Ask the person if you can order a tape of the newscast (most stations don't provide a tape of just the segment you want. You have to purchase the entire newscast), which will cost you a fee. If you don't want to go that route, you can also ask the AE or the producer if they can e-mail you a transcript of the story.

    Depending upon the day (things can go from dead to crazy in an instant), ask the person who answers the phone if they can look up the script in their archives and give you the name of the doctor and where he/she was from. Then you can research the doctor's name on the internet.

  9. Betsy2

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    I emailed Dawn Mercer (WIS-TV) to thank her for airing the segment on Fibro and I received a nice email back. She said she did not realize the pain we suffered until she did this segment. She also said she had been inundated with emails since airing the segment. I have informed her that National Fibromyalgia Day is May 12th in hopes she will bring some attention to it either the day of or the day before the date. Again, last night she had another segment on juvenile Fibromyalgia and the genetic factor. I am impressed!! I emailed the NBC affiliate in Lansing, Michigan (my hometown) with the link to the website for Dawn Mercer's article and video segment. If everyone emailed their local NBC affiliate with the link it may help bring awareness. The link is:

    http://www.wistv.com/global/Story.asp?s=1124745 [This Message was Edited on 02/15/2003]