Location must make a BIG difference in health

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by browneyelady48, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. browneyelady48

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    Me and hubby just spent a week in North Ga. in the mountains with our travel trailer, and it was sooooooo nice. Just didnt want to come home.

    Hubby was worried about us going up there in the cold, he knew I would hurt alot, but you want beleive this. I had a week that I actually was able to control my pain completely.

    Not only that but I have COPD and could breath so much better. I didnt use my oxygen at night but a couple of times, and I didnt have to use my nubblizer or inhalers at all.

    I was able to do alot of walking and it was wonderful to be able to control the pain and breath good and be able to walk without getting so tried.

    We live in the panhandle of Fla and it gets so humid here. If it wasnt for the children and grandchildren we would sell our home here and everything we have and get a big motorhome and hit the road.

    Its really a bummer of a day after getting home last night from a really good week.
    Love Brenda
  2. suz45

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    Gald to hear you had anice trip, I'm sure the mountains were beautiful snd did you body good...no place like the mountains..

    I live in western NY in the finger lakes region, grew up her as a kid and moved away as a teenager. Just came back this year with my husband ans two girls. Love the summers and early fall. Am abit worried about the cold of winter that is coming. However as long as it is not damp or humid I usually do pretty good. We had been living in S.Central PA quite humid and damp but boring winters, so at least the snow will be a change.

    My inlaws live in Lakeland, not sure how they tolerate the heat. I know I couldn't and I hate AC.

    Glad you had a nice trip, hope you adjust to being home soon.

  3. Jo29

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    I know what you mean. I live in Indiana and we just got back yesterday from the Florida panhandle (Destin). We have a motorhome and we stayed on the beach there. I have never been in any more pain than I was this last week in Florida. At least with this DD.

    I don't know if it was the change in weather or what. I don't usually get that bad when we go to Florida. I was unable to do much. I just sat around in the motorhome and read. I only went to the beach for about an hour the last day we were there.

    My husband and I have always thought that we would like to retire there, but maybe we should keep looking.

    Our motorhome isn't big enough to retire in, but we have also talked about selling out and buying one of the bigger ones and retiring in it. There are a lot of snow birds where we stay.


  4. browneyelady48

    browneyelady48 New Member

    I had never given it much thought of location and health until last week in the mountains. Its bad here in Florida, and I knew it was, just didnt ever realize how bad it was.

    I LOVE the beach and we have the prettiest beaches here but the humidity is awful. And I find each year I am going to the beach less and less because of health problems. And Destin is beautiful.

    The dr.s here are always telling me I need to move but I always toke it as a joke, but I am honestly thinking twice now.

    So no, Florida isnt the place to come for fresh air and pain releive. Take care, Love Brenda
  5. Lolalee

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    It's funny you should post about location. Last night I was discussing with my husband how much my health has deteriorated since we moved to southern Alabama. We live not to far from Florida. The humidity is awful. The A/C makes me hurt so badly in the summer, but I can't be outdoors because the humid heat is worse. It's a shame because we live in a beautiful area and we love it here.

  6. mistyd96

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    I agree with all of you. I moved to Las Vegas 2 years ago. We came from N. Mississippi. I have hurt worse out here than ever before. I take pain meds 2 a day everyday. In MS, it was just for breakthrough pain. We are looking to get back east...KY area sometime before next summer. My body can't wait.

    Everyone says the desert is great for illnesses. Bull honkey....lol. Too hot, too dusty, too many alleriges, and here in Vegas, just too many dang people :(

  7. rockymtnmom

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    I feel so strongly about this our family is moving to a

    different climate in part to help my health. I find being

    at a higher elevation and lower humidity does wonders for

    my health. I am like a different person when I am in

    Colorado vs. the high humidity of where I live now in the

    low flatlands of Indiana. I can hardly leave my house in

    the summer now. High Humidity flattens me and almost

    guarantees a flare - I can tell you when it is humid before

    the weatherman just by the way I am feeling. When I am in

    the mountains there are more sunny days - the barometric

    pressure remains higher. More sunny days also helps with

    mood. Lower humidity helps me in ways I don't understand

    any better than why high humidity hurts me, but it is what

    it is, and if there is a way to help me feel better and be

    more available to my 4 young kids, I'm going to go for it!

    (BTW, I have tested this hypothesis in a variety of

    conditions, I am not moving on a whim or a couple of good

    days...) My fibro doesn't go away, but my baseline is a lot

    better and I don't fall as far. Kim
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  8. browneyelady48

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    I hurt so bad since being back home in Florida. Not to mention the COPD is worse. All I wanna do is sit and look at the beautiful picutures we toke in the Mt. and remember how good I felt.

    At one time I felt it was in my head that I felt so good last week, but I know it cant be now after reading all the comments from you all.

    I honestly beleive Florida has to be the worse place to live health wise.

    Love Brenda
  9. born2fish64

    born2fish64 New Member

    So glad our Ga weather allowed you a great get away!!
    Do you think if I went to another town it would work for me?!My Ga weather isn't being very nice to me as of late.
    The last time a different location helped me I was in Costa Rica. Maybe it has something to do with stree relief also!
  10. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    I haven't figured out the paralleling factors, yet. I live in NE Florida, but I feel better in cold, moist climates. N.Ga/NC mountains are so beautiful -- they just sparkle! My husband and I spent our honeymoon in Asheville/Brevard/Cashiers. I didn't have CFS/FM then. But I do remember it being about November of a year and going out on a hike w/some friends. It was the very first time I had a bad asthma attack -- I think it was a combination of the dry air and rotting leaves.

    But it sure doesn't stop me from going back! I'm so jealous of your trip -- I'm sure it was so beautiful!
  11. browneyelady48

    browneyelady48 New Member

    Yea that sounds great too. My brother loves to go there, he tries to travel there once a year. Me and hubby keep saying we want to go, but havent made it yet,

    We did make a promise to each other that we would start doing more traveling, before it gets to where we cant.

    Oh in Ga. we was between Helen and Hiawassaee.

    Love Brenda