Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rockgor, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Went next door to feed the feral cats. Couldn't find my keys. Oh well.

    When I got back I was locked out.

    I always put my keys in the same place so I can find them. But somehow it doesn't work.

    I've been doing crossword puzzles the last couple years to ward off Alheimer's, but that doesn't seem to work either. In fact, I frequently write down the wrong letters. Or put the right letters in the wrong spaces.

    Well, I'ts a good thing I've kept my girlish figure. I was able to squeeze in thru a window.

    Maybe I should tie strings to everything like my mother did w/ mittens 60 some years ago.

    It's a terrible thing to lose a mind. Especially when it is your own.

  2. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    ((rocky)) :)

    Quite the adventure you had. Did you find your keys yet? My Oma keeps all her keys on a shoelace tied around her neck.

    Worst comes to worst, there's now a technology that reads a person's iris (colored part of the eye) to tell whether to let them into the house or not. No key needed. Pretty James Bond, eh? But by the time it's on all our houses, I think we'll have nurses to decide who comes into our "homes." ;)

    Try not to think of it as losing your mind. Think of it as becomming special in a whole new way. For me personally, if I become senile along the line, I'll be one of those old women who laughs all the time and sings show tunes and asks strangers for a kiss. Actually, I'm almost there now.

    Give us a kiss! lol Shannon
  3. Redwillow

    Redwillow New Member

    Rockgor are you sure you were even in the right house?

    I remember those mittens! They were called idiot mitts! A few years ago we were supposed to give someone in the office some kind of silly present, price limit 5 dollars. The woman's name I got was always loosing her gloves. So I bought a cheap pair of brightly coloured mittens and attached a string to them! She loved them and wore them all winter!

    LOL Shannon I love your definition of senile! This sounds like fun, can I play?

    hugs Redwillow

  4. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Well Rock, if you are loosing your memory, ya must have a
    very long way to go as you seem to think in get detail a-
    bout things in general and many things from years and
    years ago! Even your spelling, sentence structure and witt
    are always to the perfect side of things!

    Shannon: Ya soundin' real good! Have to help me
    keep Rock in line. OK? Is it COLD up there? Want to
    buy some of that sand ya have up there in Alberta, ya
    know the sand wiff the OIL in it! Do you have any plans
    for the weekend?

    Fight: Hope all has become quiet there. "Guido" is still
    available if'in ya need him! Have a good weekend, OK?

    Redwillow: Hello, I think you live up North also? Hope
    all is well with you. Say hi to everyone up there 4-Me!

    JOE aka Mrdad
  5. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    You may be losing your mind but your sense of humour is sharp as a tack!!!!!!!

    Thanks for that lol moment..


    Nancy B
  6. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Rocky, you mean you don't keep a key under a rock?

    I have a great fear of locking myself out so I do hide a key. The only trouble is that I have to remember which rock in my yard is hiding my key! I have visions of looking like a squirrel searching for buried nuts one day. So far so good. No doubt by the time I need it it will be rusty.

    As for writing down the wrong letters or words, you should see how many times I had to change this post. Tell you what; you find my mind and I'll find yours. I'd be way ahead then.

  7. opticaltech

    opticaltech New Member

    Hey Rockgor...my inlaws got locked out so many times they installed a garage door with a code to open it.....Wellll..thats if you can remember the code?...ANyway..so far so good...did you find your keys?..The last time I went through a window...I GOT STUCK!!!>>> thats another story!..LOL......Lina
  8. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    I used to work at McDonald's when I was in high school. One day I went to work and not only locked my keys in my car, but left the car running! And I didn't even notice it! One of my co-workers did and told me.

    I had to call my dad who came with the extra keys to unlock it. He later screwed in a spare key under my car so that I would have an extra for times like that. I used that key many times!

    That was over 30 years ago, and I've been doing crazy things like that ever since.

    And this year I'm tying strings to my gloves cause I'm down to my last pair!!
  9. Callum

    Callum New Member

    Rock, I'm impressed you could fit through the window. I have enough trouble getting through the door!

  10. Redwillow

    Redwillow New Member

    Hi Joe aka Mr. Dad

    Yes you guessed right I am from Ontario, Canada. Snow is in the forecast for this week! BAH HUMBUG!

    See I have my toque on my emoticon!

    hugs Redwillow
  11. marsupialmama

    marsupialmama New Member

    when I moved here I didn;t understand why people spend 6 months in Florida.

    I get it now.
  12. IowaMorningGlory

    IowaMorningGlory New Member

    I was going to start by saying I have my house keys attached to my purse and when I leave home I have to take my purse because that is where my drivers license is, but..I don't think you needed your drivers license to go next door.

    I really have to work on those long sentences!

    The key hid outside somewhere though is a good idea. We have a ladybug that houses our key that is in our rock garden. Live pretty rural community though, so we don't lock our house all that often. Well that and there always seems to be somebody coming or going!

    Oh by the way I wasn't sure where to post, but I have a post from today on FM about losing 50 dollars, think I thought it was a dollar bill. It went toward the electric bill! Ouch! I was really mad at myself, but thanks to alot of terrific people on these boards, I feel better now.

    You take care rockgor, and kitten hugs,
    Blessed Be,
  13. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    When our minds leave us, where do they go?

    Is there a place where they go? Where is it? Is this where the phrase "Collective Minds" come from? Where is this place?

    One of you folks has an answer..........?

  14. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Rocky they are an absolute boon also for people with arthritis who cannot turn locks. You can get them for front or back doors. Just a key pad you tap in your number. The chain DIY stores have them. I am thinking of getting one for the front door. Or you could change the lock to one that you have to lock from the outside so you cannot lock yourself out. The problem is you may forget to lock the door when you need to.

    Love Annie
  15. gilley

    gilley New Member

    Dear, Dear Rock,
    How awful to lose your keys! Climbing through a window and everything. Hope you find them. I stopped by the porch, but, you must have beem breaking into houses at that time.

    Don't worry about your memory. One of the suggestions to halt memory loss is keeping active, and your morning proved you are.
    Well, I thought I would bid a good day to all on the porch and then I am off to shop and then dinner out.

    Later porch dwellers,
  16. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    You'd probably get filthy playing in it. :) I bet you'd even bring it onto the porch. Boys. ;)

    It's getting colder. I can tell by the nippiness in my nose. We had another chinook that took all the snow away. But it's supposed to be -16 centigrade soon. (P.S. Centigrade is the ONLY temperature measuring system that counts! lol)

    ((hugs)) Shannon