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  1. Keylee

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    Has anyone ever had their toe completely lock and unable to move. I finally get it moving by massaging it and once I stopped massaging it would immediately lock again. It also got locked behind my big toe. There was no pain afterward like normal muscle locking cramps. Just wanted to see if anyone has ever experienced this and whether this is associated with Fibro.
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    this also happens to my mothers fingers--it locks and is painful--they call it trigger finger.....massage does help this...i would see an acupuncturist and look into vitamin therapy. also--rod burreson--of roex vitamin company--is a great source of knowledge about the body. he is a huge grapeseed advocate--but he also broke every bone in his body--and had other issues--which he then began to study the body -especially nutritional needs---and has helped so many people including myself---he would probably know why this is occuring in your body---many times he will answer letter and inquiries....you dont have to buy anything....he is a plethora of information....he has guided me in --healing a painful jaw bone--guiding me in curing bleeding behind the eyes---mass grapeseed extract.....grown out my breaking nails....and so much more....i dont want to use the word cure-since only the drugs companies can use that word.
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    Praise the GE. Also, nettles and nettles tea is excellent for edema.....GE also works great for oxidative stress and liver spots--but you need a high dosage.....it also keeps your blood vessels in good health--very important for diabetics. But I know you know about the GE--Jamin. its good stuff
  4. inbetweendays

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    jamin--in your opinion--what is the best GE--for your buck...
  5. inbetweendays

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    i think this site has a good brand of ge for the price---i find you must take a lot of ge to see results.....yes--i am always learning new things--much to my amazement--about natural healing....it is time it goes mainstream in my opinion. a huge box store? ill have to think on it...i didnt know brands are prohibited to talk about---sometimes i wonder if this is still the united states of america....or has big pharma put out that gag order. you have oa--there are some suggestion i will have to think about and get back to you.....im sure you know a lot already....
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    I get involuntary limb movements, which is as i understand a component of fibro, along with Restless legs, the involuntary limb movements can be jerky, twitching, a constant contraction of muscle, (im suffering with my left thumb at the moment been muscle contracting for 3 days now its driving me nuts because it is aching, but im aware that my brain is doing it involuntary which is a really weird sensation, i got a real sympathy for parkinsons sufferers. As for toes, my second toe on my left foot was in a constant muscle contraction ie would just bend and get stuck there, although this was painful, i'd rub it get up and walk but as soon as i got back in bed it would cramp over again. this went on for days. I've also woken up with both of my little fingers being completely numb. but mines definately muscle and nerve related. i dont know if locking would be caused by the actual joint or from a tightening of muscle which is joint to the bones, since you say its not painful then it sounds more joint related and fingers and toes are prone to joint problems with aging. if it continues and does bother you go see your doctor.

    all the best
  7. inbetweendays

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    @luigi--i heard a large scale study on a nutritional radio show program that stated blueberry extract actually had an enormous benefit on rls=---it acted upon the dopamaine pathway in the brain.
  8. Mikie

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    Give the brand name of supps here and we can mention stores where we shop. What we can't do is come here to sell things nor to give links or URL's to websites which sell things.

    I have been buying my supps here for 11 years at the Store on this website. Their quality is the highest and their prices are as good as any I've found. It is also important to me that proceeds from the sales of products are donated to research into, and advocacy for, our illnesses. The revenue from sales of products also make this website possible. It isn't just the message boards which I like but also the extensive Library and newest info on the Home Page.

    Love, Mikie

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