Logan Basic Technique/Chiropractic

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by msSusan, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. msSusan

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    Has anyone heard of this chiro. technique? What type of condition were you getting treated for and what type of relief did you get?

    I have not had any positive results with the chiro's I've been seeing for 24/7 headaches and chronic neck pain.

    Explanation of tech:
    Developed by Logan founder H.B. Logan, DC, Logan Basic is one of the lowest-force adjustive techniques. The technique is based on light, sustained force exerted against a specific contact point on the sacrum at the base of the spine. Auxiliary contacts at various points in the spine, or along specific muscles such as the piriformus, also can be used. Basic Technique uses the muscular structure surrounding the sacrum as a lever system for balancing the entire structure of the spine.
  2. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    I see a NUCCA chrio. Upper cervical correction.

    Its has saved my sanity! It a very light touch behind your right ear. Thats it!

    Haven't heard of what you posted but if the problem is your neck and headaches why would they adjust just your lower spine? I would ck out treatments if this is not working. Best of luck

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