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  1. totiredforlife

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    I am new to this and actually going to a dr. in two weeks who specializes in these conditions. I have been tired for over a year and all I can do is lay on the couch. I ache all over esp. my legs. I get headaches where nothing takes it away and they last for a week at a time.
    My question is...my family dr. told me to keep a log between now and the appt. to record my body temperature...why? He also did lots of blood work.

    thanks for any info. on this!!! :)
  2. StephieBee

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    The only thing I could come up with is that my doc uses basil testing. If he believes you may have an underactive thyroid but it does not show up on blood work then he does it this way.

    It is usually doen for 10 days with a basil thermometer first thing in the morning. If your temp is below a certain temp the majority of the 10 days he prescribles you thyroid medication.

    Not sure if this is what your doc is doing but thought id throw it out there.

  3. KMD90603

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    I think it's great that your doctor asked you to do this. Do you run low grade fevers often, or do you ever notice if your body temperature runs real low. A subnormal temperature can indiciate hypothyroid, which is something that is very treatable. If you have a pattern of running low-grade fevers, it could indicate hyperthyroid, autoimmune disease, or ME/CFS. It's a good tool to show the doctor so they can see if anything might be going on.

  4. totiredforlife

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    Thanks for the quick feedback. I am just to be honest... scared!! I have been complaining about this for a long time and finally getting seen. I am for some reason and I donot know if this is a normal thought but I am afraid and feel it is something worse. He is running all sorts of blood tests on me. I will get the list of what they are in a bit and post them. I am gonna call his office tom. and make sure it was temp by mouth. He just said mid day cause you cannot get a accurate reading in the am when you first wake up.
    My legs cramp from my knees all the way to my groin. I cannot even name all the areas that hurt but the tiredness and headaches I just cannot deal with anymore. I even had a brain MRI done a few months ago and all came back fine. I am 26 years old and feel 56. I want my energy back so I can be a great mom to the twin boys that I have...they deserve better!
    Is there any meds to give you more energy?
  5. Shalala

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    I run a low grade fever most of the time (for years)
  6. totiredforlife

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    See that is why I am thinking he thinks it is something that he is not telling me. the only thing that stumps me is if it was "cancer" why would he be sending me Rheumotology(SP)???

  7. StephieBee

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    Have you been dx'd with FM / CFS etc?

    I am 26 also. When I was 19 I started expoloring the possiblity of FM/CFS.

    Your doc is probably testing for arthritic diseases. This is their way of ruling out other conditions.

    The blood work that took the longest to come back was the one for Lupus. It had to be sent to a special lab.

    Go ahead and give your doc a call to put yourself at ease. You have every right to have answers.

    Keep us posted.

  8. totiredforlife

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    I was told he thinks I have both!! :-(
  9. springrose22

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    A constantly low temp can mean hypothyroidism, and Thryroxine won't fix that usually. Check out Dr. Rind's website, he explains the measuring of daily temps to gain information about adrenal and thyroid function. drrind.com Marie
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  10. rockyjs

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    You could have been bitten over a year ago and not even realized it. But it can be neuroinvasive and cause the symptoms you are mentioning.

    You would probably no longer have IgM antibodies, but should have IgG for a couple of years after an infection. It took me a year to get diagnosed even though I knew when I was bitten, had symptoms of encephalitis/meningitis and was sleeping 20 hours a day. My first test came back negative and I didn't run a fever so the doctor discounted it. Now we know that a certain percentage of people never get fevers, even when they have the neuroinvasive form. Also 1/3 don't make the early antibodies.

  11. TerryS

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    According to the CDC, one "official" symptom of CFS is fever (among other things such as headache, extraordinary fatigue for more than six months, and pain). You have to have at least four of the symptoms they list. So far you have at least three. Maybe the fourth one will be fever (even low grade), and then your doc will be able to diagnose CFS.

    Another symptom, as I recall, is a sore throat...can't remember the rest offhand.

  12. totiredforlife

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    I get sore throats off and on and the drs. have never seen anything wrong. I got my blood work back today and it all was normal...no arthritis and no thyroid issues. So he thinks it is one of the two...