LOL LOL LOL - my daughter has added....

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  1. leokat

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    a link to a Tourette syndrome association web page to my 'favourites' list. Not that I imagine Tourettes is anything to laugh about. But hey do you think my stress levels are esculating or maybe my verbal dyslexia has taken on a profane overtone without me realising?
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    My initial reaction is laughter but.....then, depending on her age she did it on purpose (not about you)because she needs to know more about it. My niece has it and my sister had no idea all these different things my niece was doing were connected.When I heard the word I immediately looked it up and emailed the info to her. It is not an easy thing for a teenage girl to go through.That was why I said ,depending on her age, she knows someone or has heard the term and wants/needs to talk.Now, if she is like my mom....on the other hand, she did it as a good laugh.!My mom has Fm also and we are always laughing or crying at what one of us has done.
    Have a great day......Kathleen
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    sorry if you've said before . i am total blank brain tonight, but also can't leave this board alone.!!!
    i have a daughter of 26 and i was ill since she was 3. but to different degrees at different times.
    i have to confess i did rather swear a bit too at times. best way to vent there is i reckon. though i know some people don't like it. its harmless. even if it does sound a bit ?????? don't know what word i mean tonight LOL

    anyway my daughter now has kids herself and now she really tries not to swear in front of them cos they copy and that has led to classic scenes of" don't you say that ********* word" etc.
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    My son (age 26) and I both suffer from Tourette Syndrome, so we both know that it is definitely not a laughing matter. I have had it since I was a child, so I can tell you that it is a horrible illness that steals your life away just as much as FM and CFS.

    Here's the important point, however. The percentage of TS patients who actually suffer from coprolalia (swearing) is soooooooo small. That is why most of you have probably never seen anyone like that during your lifetimes. The people who do have it suffer horribly, though.

    The rest of us have crummy nervous tics and jerks that we have to deal with. They can become so severe when you are young (school is very stressful), that they actually cause headaches and other aches and pains. The worst part, of course, is how you are treated by people. I was pretty lucky, because I could hide mine from people quite a bit, but my son went through some very trying times with the children around him. And neither or us has tics that are really severe, so I can't imagine how it must be for some people.

    My own tics decreased quite a bit during my adult life, but have come back very strongly after menopause. It's a terrible bummer. My worst ones are in my face, and I get so bad sometimes that I can't even see to drive, so I spend several days at home. And, imagine trying to relax your body when you have this -- Ha! Every time a doctor tells me that relaxation helps FM, I just kind of chuckle. If only they knew.....

    So, the next time you see someone blinking terribly, and scrinching up their face, think of me, please, and be kind. Life gets pretty rough sometimes.

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    I actually came here to delete my message as I decided now that my mind is clearer that it was at least not as amusing as I'd imagined and at worst offensive.

    Hi pinkquartz and seaview - my daughter is 18 and yep it is quite possible that this subject is something she wants to know more about. Unfortunately, she had gone to bed by the time I found the message so I couldn't ask her and is now at her work placement so I guess I'll have to wait 'til she gets home. The strange thing is that the site is on MY list of favourites. We use seperate web browsers (it saves confusion and I don't keep on deleting her cookies - why oh why does she always want to log on to the sites that slow our computer to a crawl) and wading through F1 and animal care stuff.

    Sorry redb I hope I didn't cause too much offense. Thank you - you have certainly added to my knowledge and understanding. Just goes to show how limited and even dangerous knowledge gained from watching half baked TV documentaries on stuff can be. Looks like it doesn't matter why the link is on my list, for the moment anyhows - I really do need to go take a look at it myself.


  6. RedB

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    Unfortunately, most things on TV and Radio don't even begin to properly explain the illness to the public. There is such an inner turmoil involved with it. I can't even really explain it myself. Suffice it to say that it's a lot like FMers being in a "fog", because strong "ticcing" has such a horrible affect on your concentration abilities. I'm always amazed when I hear about Tourette people going on in their lives to do wonderful things like being musicians, radio personalities, etc. I, myself have only managed to work part-time most of my life, and nothing special at that. Kind of hiding in my own little corner of the world.