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    Can't believe this one.Was reading our daily rag this morning The Sun & couldn't believe an article that made the front page.It's a very "uplifting" tale.
    Headline is:

    3 million get Viagra

    Britain is set for a sex revolution as the first country in Europe to sell Viagra over the counter.
    The number of men on the pills is expected to treble to 3 million.
    Experts believe marriages will be saved by the move.

    Now here's the punchline which gave me a chuckle.

    One therapist said:"It'll be huge."

    Hope it gives you a huge
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    I don't know if anyone saw the news reports of Brazilian town that started to give free viagra pills to any man over a certain age.
    In concordance with the Laws of unexpected Results, supposedly it didn't help marriages because the old guys were running around.
    The solution was to only give the viagra pills to wives.

    Like a Jay Leno joke: Men have never have a clue when they are going to have sex, the women do, so just give the pills to their wives and girlfriends. Cheers.

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    ROFLMAO? I don't have a clue what it means.

    I'm glad that you are protecting your lab with the metal hat. You can never be too careful nowadays! Does anyone else wear one at your home?

    Thank you. I really didn't know what it meant! Perhaps my memory got selectively erased when that alien visited here.
    Maybe open some big tin cans to make temporary hats?
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    Over the counter? "It'll be huge," indeed.

    Wish I had invested in Merck Pharmaceuticals ten years ago!
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    Here's a selection of topical jokes I saw on the net:

    A "huge" crate load of Viagra has been stolen from a distribution depot - police are looking for hardened criminals.

    It's been revealed that criminals who steal Viagra will face stiff penalties.

    A man and his wife went to the chemist to pick up his prescription for Viagra. Seeing the $10 per pill price, the man was astonished - but his wife had a different opinion - "Oh, $40 a year ain't too bad".

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    Huh. I always thought the British were stiff and rigid people. I guess this proves me wrong....